Fees and Books

The State of North Carolina pays the tuition for Dual Enrollment students in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Some high schools offer additional financial support for their students.  


Students attending a CMS high school, Bradford Prep, Jackson Day, Sugar Creek Charter, and TSMA-Charlotte have their fees paid for by their high school in the fall and spring semesters only. Students must pay their fees in the summer semester.  

Students at all other high schools must pay their fees every semester.

Check your balance and pay your bill through your MyCollege account (login required).

Learn more about the fees at Central Piedmont.


CMS Students:

  • Students attending a CMS Title I high school receive full funding for their required books in fall and spring semesters.  
  • Students attending a non-Title I CMS high school receive a $50/class credit at the Central Piedmont bookstore to assist in the purchase/rental of their required books in fall and spring semesters. Funds do not carry over from semester to semester. 
  • All students must pay for books in the summer semester.

Non-CMS Students:

  • Students attending all other high schools must pay for their books every semester.