Using Your Financial Aid for Books and Supplies

If your financial aid awards to attend Central Piedmont (excluding work-study) are greater than your semester charges for tuition, fees, and supplies, you may use your remaining aid to charge books and supplies at Central Piedmont bookstores to your student account no earlier than 10 days before classes start.

You may charge your books against your anticipated Central Piedmont financial aid award (remaining financial aid after tuition and fees) as long as you have an awarded financial aid file and meet all student eligibility requirements. You may not use funds from a federal work-study award. Any charges not covered by financial aid are your responsibility. Financial aid that you will use to attend another college is not eligible.

You may use your financial aid funds, including grants and scholarships, to purchase necessary books, supplies, and bus passes at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on any campus if:

  • your financial aid has been applied to tuition and additional funds are available, and
  • your financial aid funds are not restricted to tuition and fees

You have to apply and be awarded federal student aid first. You can start this process by completing the Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA) and complete the on-line financial aid authorization form on your MyCollege account. The amount of money (grants, scholarships, and loans) you have been awarded must exceed your total tuition, fee, books, and supplies charges. Note that the majority of our scholarships pay only tuition and fees – not supplies and books.

Your tuition/fees, supplies, and/or bookstore charges will be subtracted from any financial aid deposited into your selected refund option through BankMobile.

Eligible Expenses

  • bus passes:

    • can only be purchased using financial aid funds at Central Campus 
    • $200 limit per semester
    • 10 Ride Local pass (limited to 10 rides only) or an unlimited rides Weekly Pass for $20
    • monthly unlimited pass for $80
  • backpacks: up to $50 including tax
  • Chromebooks:
  • flash drives: up to $45 including tax

If your textbook is not available or is out of stock, pre-order and pay for it using financial aid.

Purchasing excess of these items that are not required for your classes is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. If you register for courses and purchase books and then drop a course, you may owe the college. Please return all books for classes that you drop. By charging your books and supplies on account, you agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of the Central Piedmont Financial Aid Office and of the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. These policies include, but are not limited to, refunds, returns, and exchanges.

Excluded Items

  • clothing
  • electronics (radios/cellular supplies/cameras)
  • food and drinks
  • computers (laptops/software/Accessories/Peripherals) Other than Chromebook listed above
  • toiletries/personal hygiene

When to Buy Books for Fall 2019 Session Classes

Book charging is allowed no earlier than 10 days before each semester starts and ends on the seventh business day of the semester. If you choose to opt out of charging your books before courses begin, you must wait for remaining financial aid funds, after tuition and fees are paid, to be released to your existing bank account or to a BankMobile Vibe checking account before you can purchase books using financial aid. You may pay out-of-pocket for your books at any time. 

For fall 2019 courses, you can purchase books using your financial aid during the following time frames: 

  • August 5–30
  • September 24–30
  • October 10–October 31
  • November 25–27

Where to Buy

You can purchase books on any campus at Central Piedmont Barnes and Noble bookstore locations. Bring your student ID and a copy of your course schedule. Ask to charge the supplies to your financial aid when checking out. The Central Piedmont Barnes and Noble Bookstores will also price match textbooks.

You can also rent textbooks. When shopping for textbooks in-store, the course information tag will display a "Rental" option. If shopping online, many books will display a rental option along with new and used options so that you can pick what's best for you.

Disbursement of Books and Supplies

After classes are in the system, you may go to a campus Barnes and Nobles Bookstore (with your college ID) on the designated dates for book charges. You remaining financial aid balance (after tuition and fees) will be available in the bookstore. 

You may add courses through the first two days of class each semester for 16-week sessions. You may drop courses through the second day of class.

Review the college's refund policy