Vision 2026 Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

Setting strategic goals is key in creating, defining and achieving clear, measurable objectives. Central Piedmont has streamlined its goals to better reflect student and community needs. The college established the goals collaboratively and is committed to accomplishing the plan collaboratively.

Goal #1

Elevating Student Success

Central Piedmont will support students as they intentionally, successfully, and equitably navigate well-designed pathways to reach their educational, career, and life goals.


  • 1.1 Student Success: Foster a culture of continuous improvement of educational programs and holistic student-support strategies by providing timely, disaggregated student metrics that indicate progress toward student success goals.
  • 1.2 Student Engagement: Redesign and personalize student experiences and academic environments within an inclusive ecosystem of innovation and engagement.
  • 1.3 External Measures: Exemplify distinction by meeting or exceeding North Carolina Community College System, regional and program accreditors, and governmental student success measures.

Goal #2

Maximizing Academic Excellence and Innovation through Community Engagement and Partnerships

Central Piedmont will continuously evaluate and promote academic and student support programs to ensure they are high-quality, relevant, and optimize career pathways and college transfer.


  • 2.1 Pathways: Strengthen student pathways by securing the educational pipeline from entry to completion to ensure students earn high-quality credentials.
  • 2.2 Economic Development: Embed Central Piedmont Community College within Mecklenburg County’s economic development community and collaborate with university, business, and industry partners to develop talent pipelines to existing and future jobs.
  • 2.3 Economic Success: Narrow skills gaps by cultivating existing talent and aligning academic programs and training with the needs and demands of the local and global economy.
  • 2.4 External Communication: Use all communication channels needed to increase the awareness of the value of specific post-secondary credentials by highlighting the diverse and comprehensive offerings available to Central Piedmont students as well as the financial assistance available to them.

Goal #3

Advancing our Organizational Culture

Central Piedmont will recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, respectful, and responsible workforce that fosters an organizational culture of transparency and collaboration dedicated to mission-driven allocation of financial, physical, technological, and human resources.


  • 3.1 Dynamic People: Recruit, hire, engage, and retain diverse faculty and staff committed to educational excellence and equity.
  • 3.2 Talent Development: Create a clear standard of professional excellence and continued cultivation of talent, purposeful on-boarding, and leadership development that rewards innovation and creativity.
  • 3.3 Strategic Stewardship of Resources: Apply strategic decision-making to empower employees to work collaboratively to make data-informed decisions regarding alignment, allocation, and strategic use of talent, fiscal, and technological resources.
  • 3.4 Internal Communication: Increase internal understanding of the operations, roles, and functions within the college.

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