Career Services for Students and Graduates

Career Services is available to help you with choosing your major and your career and job search, as well as connecting you to employers.

Career Services is here to help you identify your career path and adjust to the new job market. A career counselor can help you:

  • manage your job search and build your job search plan
  • create a résumé, practice interviewing, and receive networking advice
  • decide on a major/career

If you need an accommodation(s) in order to participate in a student-related meeting or event, email Disability and Access Services at least 48 hours prior to the event to discuss how we can best accommodate you.

Career Decision Resources

Talking with a career counselor can be helpful if you do not know which career field you would like to enter, are having trouble deciding on a college major or program, want to confirm a career choice that you have already made, or if you have picked a broad major (such as business or IT) and do not have a specific career in mind yet.

  • Career Coach (Online)/Career Assessments

    Career Coach is a career information resource that offers an online interest assessment to help you identify your interests and careers that relate to your interests. Career Coach also has local salary and employer information, occupational growth projections, and information about Central Piedmont's programs of study. Anyone can use this free career exploration tool.

    Other free assessment resources include:

    In-Depth Assessments

    If you are having problems coming up with ideas to consider, Career Services offers in-depth career assessments to help you develop a list of options. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory are the most comprehensive assessments offered. You must be a current curriculum (college-credit-seeking) student to participate. Should you decide to take in-depth assessments, your counselor will explain your options and how to take the assessments, and will interpret the results with you.

Job Search Resources

Career counselors are available to help you with all aspects of your job search, from résumé and cover letter writing, to creating a customized job search plan and conducting mock interviews.

  • Student Job Board

    Handshake, Central Piedmont's student job board, is the #1 way college students get hired. Visit the student job board today!

    College Credit-Seeking Students

    You automatically have a job board account — no need to create an account. Simply log in to the student job board using your Central Piedmont credentials.

    Corporate and Continuing Education Students

    To use the student job board, you need an active Central Piedmont student ID number, username, and email address. To request this information, call 704.330.4223.

    To create your account once you have the necessary information:

    1. Access the student job board.
    2. Select "sign up here."
    3. Create an account using your Central Piedmont email.  Include your Student ID number and username in the request.

    College and Career Readiness Students

    You automatically have a job board account — no need to create an account. Simply log in to the student job board using your Central Piedmont credentials.

    Alumni/Previous Central Piedmont Students

    Login to the student job board with your Central Piedmont sign-on if you still have access.  Once logged in, add your personal email address and make it your primary email under Settings.

    If you no longer have access to your Central Piedmont account, you are welcome to create an account by selecting "sign up here."  Include your Student ID number and username when requesting access.

  • Hiring Events

    Career Services hosts a variety of hiring events throughout the year. View events hosted by both Career Services and individual employers on the student job board.

    Students who have logged into their account will receive email notifications for recruiting events and other news. You can also check out the college events calendar for information on upcoming recruitment events.

  • Your Job Posting Policies and Responsibilities

    Central Piedmont Career Services provides multiple ways for you to connect with employers for potential job and internship opportunities. Career Services maintains an online job posting system (the Central Piedmont student job board), hosts employer visits to campus for hiring events, and maintains bulletin boards on all campuses as a service to Central Piedmont students, employees, and graduates in your job seeking efforts.

    Please note that:

    • You, as the job seeker, are responsible for all necessary precautions when interviewing for or accepting positions posted on this site, and are responsible for checking the integrity of an organization. It is your responsibility to seek information and legal representation if you feel you are being discriminated against or mistreated in the workplace.
    • The participation of employers in campus events and presence of job announcements on the Student Job Board does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation by Central Piedmont Career Services. We cannot be held responsible and/or liable for any damages, real or imagined, past, present or future, from interactions with employers or the information contained in or requested by the job postings.
    • Career Services is not responsible for any representations or guarantees with regard to job postings, nor is it responsible for wages, working conditions, safety, or other work-related issues which may arise after placement with an employer.

    Playing Fair: Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Job Seeker (PDF) (adapted from the National Association of Colleges and Employers website)

  • How to Spot Potential Job Scams

    A few tips to help avoid illegitimate job opportunities include:

    • Do not disclose social security numbers, credit card information, or bank account numbers to unknown employers.
    • Exercise caution if you are requested to invest any of your own money for an employment opportunity.
    • Interview only in public business locations.
    • Other than staffing agencies, be wary of positions asking you to submit paperwork, start employment, or set up office space before a formal application and interview process.

    The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) provides a full list of best safety practices on the job search. Learn how to spot a fraudulent employer on the NACE website

    If you have any questions or concerns about any job posting or employer you have met through the Career Services office, contact Career Services.

  • How to Work Job Fairs and Hiring Events

    • Learn more about the employer prior to the event.
    • Prepare your résumé.
    • Apply online in advance if possible.
    • Dress to impress.  Business casual is suggested.  Visiting an employer table is different than going to a formal interview. 
    • Use the Tell Me About Yourself worksheet in the Career Guide to gather ideas of what to say.
    • Ask good questions that are hard to get the answers to online.  For example:
      • What are you looking for in a successful candidate?
      • Does your company hire on an ongoing basis or certain times of the year?
    • Collect business cards and follow up by email that afternoon/evening to thank them for the conversation.
    • Relax. You got this!
  • Other Career/Job Search Resources at Central Piedmont

Résumé Help

  • Get Your Résumé Reviewed

    You can get help setting up your résumé or have your résumé reviewed by making an appointment. Log into Handshake to make an appointment or have your resume reviewed virtually.

  • How to Write a Résumé

    Developing a professional résumé will assist you with finding a job. First, select the most appropriate résumé format. While a chronological résumé is the most traditional format choice, a functional resume emphasizes skills rather than experience and may be more appropriate if you have gaps in your employment history, are changing careers, are seeking your first job, or feel your work history is unimpressive to potential employers. Make sure your resume is the best it can be using the following resources:

Interview Prep Help

The key to successful interviewing is preparation.