Career Services for Students and Graduates

Career Services for Students and Graduates

Career Services is available at several Central Piedmont campus locations to help you with career and major decision and job search as well as connect you with employers.

Career Services Drop-in Hours

For resume reviews, job search assistance, and quick questions, consider using Career Services drop-in hours:

  • Central Campus: Wednesday, 1 — 3 p.m. in Central High Building, Room 122
  • Levine Campus: Tuesday, 2 — 4 p.m. (check in at the Levine Student Success desk, Levine I Building, 2nd floor)

You can also call us to schedule an appointment at any campus.

When emailing, please use the subject "Career Services Information [Campus Name]" (for example, Career Services Information Central Campus).

Career Decision

A career counselor can help you develop your career plan so you are focused on achieving your goals. Talking with a career counselor can be useful for you if you do not know what career field you would like to enter, are having trouble deciding on a college major or program, want to confirm a career choice that you have already made, or if you have picked a broad major (such as business or IT) and do not have a specific career in mind yet.

  • How to Make Career Decisions

    Career decision-making is:

    • time sensitive — give yourself enough time to consider your options. However, choosing a program at Central Piedmont early helps you take the right classes and save money and time.
    • not always a straight path — you can gain the skills employers seek, such as communication, problem solving, and initiative, from a variety of majors. Therefore, depending on your major, you may have a broad set of career options. Some fields, like engineering, healthcare, and IT, are exceptions, where you need to focus your education on gaining specific skills.
    • intentional — making thoughtful decisions about your career is important. Career decision is really a set of small decisions about what you want, what you like, and what you are willing to go for. Making the decision to go to Central Piedmont is the first step in a series of career choices. With practice, you will get better at making these decisions over time.

    Having trouble making a career decision?

    Register and reserve your spot for one of our It's a "Major" Decision workshops.

  • Career Coach/Career Assessments

    Career Coach is a career information resource that offers an online interest assessment to help you identify your interests and careers that relate to your interests. Career Coach also has local salary and employer information, occupational growth projections, and information about Central Piedmont's programs of study. Anyone can use this free career exploration tool.

    Other free assessment resources include:

    In-Depth Assessments

    If you are having problems coming up with ideas to consider, Career Services offers in-depth career assessments to help you develop a list of options. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory are the most comprehensive assessments offered. There is a fee of $14 for each of these assessments, and you must be a current curriculum (college-credit-seeking) student to participate. Should you decide to take in-depth assessments, your counselor will explain your options and how to take the assessments, and will interpret the results with you.

Job Search Resources

Career counselors are available to assist students and graduates in all aspects of job search, from resume and cover letter writing, to creating a customized job search plan and conducting mock interviews.

  • Resume Resources

    Developing a professional resume will assist you with finding a job. First, select the most appropriate resume format. While a chronological resume is the most traditional format choice, a functional resume emphasizes skills rather than experience and may be more appropriate if you have gaps in your employment history, are changing careers, are seeking your first job, or feel your work history is unimpressive to potential employers. Make sure your resume is the best it can be using the following resources:

    You can type a professional resume using Microsoft Word or the resume software. Once your resume is ready, upload it to the job board for Central Piedmont students and graduates.

  • Resume Reviews and Assistance

    You can get help setting up your resume or have your resume reviewed by making an appointment or coming to Career Services' drop-in hours. You can also have get a basic review virtually by sending it to

  • Online Interviewing Assistance: Perfect Interview

    Perfect Interview™ is an innovative online learning tool that can help you enhance your job interviewing skills and develop an edge over your competition. Perfect Interview allows you to:

    • respond to challenging questions asked by an interviewer during an online simulated interview
    • repeat each question as often as you like
    • see examples of how someone else might answer
    • if you get stuck, there is a built-in Interview Coach to offer help
    • record your simulated interview (with your webcam or ours) or just type your answers
    • email your simulated interview to a Central Piedmont Career Counselor for advice – your own personal coach!

    Perfect Interview is provided by Career Services for the exclusive use of students, faculty, and alumni of Central Piedmont Community College. You must sign up with your Central Piedmont student email in order to be eligible for Perfect Interview. Review the instructions for using Perfect Interview (PDF) and create an account/log in to Perfect Interview.

    Central Piedmont is here to help you prepare for and learn more about successful interviewing both online and in-person.

  • In-Person Interview Assistance: Mock Interviews

    Mock interviews allow prospective job candidates to practice their interviewing skills in a simulated interview environment. Mock interviews provide constructive feedback to the participants to enhance job prospects by improving interview skills. Students meet individually with a career counselor for an hour long appointment. Students are given the opportunity to practice dressing for an interview and interviewing for a specific position with a specific company. Interviewees should bring a current copy of their resume to the mock interview. The interview can be video recorded for review. Students will be able to view their videotaped session and receive immediate feedback from a counselor. This assignment is best for pre-graduate level courses where the majority of students will be graduating and seeking a professional job within the next year.

    To schedule a mock interview (curriculum students), complete the mock interview request form or call Career Services.

    The key to a successful interview is preparation. Review the interview questions provided in the Career Guide and practice answering the the sample interview questions. Dressing professionally is also an important part of the interview process and is a factor in the hiring decision. As a result, mock interview participants should dress in business attire for the interview. Feedback will be provided regarding the appropriateness your attire.

    Central Piedmont is here to help you prepare for and learn more about successful interviewing both online and in-person.

  • On-Campus Recruiting - Employers Visiting Campus

    Companies seeking Central Piedmont students and graduates for employment opportunities visit Central Piedmont Campuses throughout the year. See who's coming to a campus near you! Most post their open positions on the student job board, then visit the campuses to discuss job opportunities with students in-person.

    Upcoming recruiting events TBD.

    How to Work Job Fairs and Hiring Events

    Research employers. Recruiters will see hundreds of job seekers during the course of the day. Stand out from the rest by preparing early. Many event websites list which employers are coming.

    Visit Career Services early to create a targeted résumé. Bring or email your résumé to Career Services several weeks before the event to have it critiqued by a career counselor and discuss how to target it to a specific employer or job.

    Strategize. Arrive early. Identify and locate the companies you are most interested in talking to and visit their booths first. Remember, it is about quality, not quantity!

    Bring plenty of résumés. Target your résumé objective to each employer you want to speak to and bring at least two copies for each.

    Apply online, and do not be discouraged if an employer cannot accept your résumé at a hiring event. Many companies require online applications because of legal reasons, so apply in advance and tell recruiters you have
    taken this extra step to demonstrate your enthusiasm for their opportunity. Once you make a good impression in-person, your online application will rise to the top.

    Dress to impress. Many career fairs require professional dress. Not sure if what you plan to wear is appropriate? Talk to a Career Services counselor for advice.

    Know what you want to say. Talk about your achievements and accomplishments. Use our Elevator Pitch worksheet to plan what you want to talk about or you can meet with a career
    counselor for assistance.

    Listen up! While you wait to talk to recruiters, use your time  wisely. Listen to the conversation recruiters are having with other job seekers. You can use the information you learn to develop some great questions and points to wow the recruiters! Also, network with other job seekers. 

    Ask good questions. Do your research ahead of time so you can ask the recruiter insightful questions. Do not waste the limited time you have to ask, “What does your company do?” If you have done your homework, you already know the answer. Some examples of good questions:

    • What are you looking for in a successful candidate?
    • What kind of entry-level positions (or internships) exist within your organization?
    • Does your company hire on a continual basis or just at certain times of the year?

    Be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude. Whether you are looking for a job or internship or are simply getting practice talking to employers, a job fair is a rare opportunity for you to get face-to-face time with those who can help you get ahead.

    Collect business cards and follow up. Always follow up with the recruiter to thank them for their time and remind them of your conversation with them. It is best to send them an email the afternoon/evening of the event.

    Organize before you leave the hiring event. Take a moment before you leave the event to jot down some quick notes about the recruiters and companies you met with while it is still fresh in your mind.

  • Central Piedmont Student Job Board for Students and Graduates

    The job board is for Central Piedmont Community College students and graduates and is operated by Central Piedmont Career Services. Log in to search jobs on the job board.

  • Other Career/Job Search Resources at Central Piedmont