Career & College Promise Dual Enrollment

Success in today's global economy may require a certificate, diploma, or college degree. Jumpstart your career or college education while still in high school by enrolling in Central Piedmont's Career & College Promise program — tuition free.

What is Dual Enrollment?

The Dual Enrollment program at Central Piedmont allows high school students to enroll — tuition-free — in college classes. 

Each Dual Enrollment program gets you started on your career, whether it requires a certificate, diploma, 2-year degree, 4-year degree, or beyond. This program eases your financial burden and makes your educational and career goals attainable.

Now Accepting Applications for Summer and Fall 2024

Visit the Fees and Books section for information regarding costs for students.

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Why Choose Dual Enrollment at Central Piedmont

Beyond mastering the knowledge taught in your courses, you will begin to lay the groundwork for becoming a successful college student. Dual Enrollment will help you:

  • reduce cost and the time it takes to earn a college degree 
  • earn both high school and college credit for a single course
  • demonstrate your abilities to college recruiters by earning transfer credit
  • go right into a high-demand skilled trade after high school (e.g. automotive technology, computer-integrated machining, welding) 
  • explore college in smaller class sizes with plenty of support
  • discover fields of study that may help you choose a career path


Students: accommodation plans such as an IEP or 504 Plan do not automatically transfer to college. If you would like to request accommodations at Central Piedmont, contact Disability and Access Services

Parents/guardians: you can assist your student(s) with requesting accommodations. However, once they are enrolled at Central Piedmont, parents/guardians will not have access to students' educational records due to protection under FERPA.

Students: you may choose to grant access to your educational records to your parents/guardians. To do so, please complete this Student Information Release Authorization Form (PDF) and email it to Central Piedmont’s Records department.

Conquer Possibility with Career and College Promise Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment student interviews (video playlist)