About Central Piedmont

At Central Piedmont, the future is full of possibility. 

Possibility sparks ideas. Ignites innovation. Fuels exploration. Propels us forward. 

Possibility doesn't care about yesterday. It throws out the norms and smashes the status quo. 

Central Piedmont is changing the idea of what a college experience should be. Possibility isn't confined to a classroom. It has its own theory. 

Possibility brings something out of us that we have yet to discover in ourselves. Refusing to accept how things are, preferring instead to see how they could be. For every impossible, possibility is there with the can-do attitude to figure things out. 

Possibility is building a stronger, more connected community. Seeing the potential in everyone to make an impact. Preparing us for new technology, new industries, new jobs and careers. Not just getting us ready, getting us real-world ready. 

Possibility isn't just "what if," it's "what's next." 

Possibility powers everything at Central Piedmont. Together, we are driven to harness and take control of it to achieve more than anyone could ever imagine. 

Every day, we conquer possibility.