Parking Locations/Maps

Be sure to review the parking regulations for students and faculty/staff as applicable. For parking permit questions and other information or parking violation notice appeals, contact parking. You can also stay up to date on Central Piedmont parking updates by following #cpccparking on Twitter and Facebook.

Many of our Central Campus neighbors are private business owners. They reserve many parking spaces for customers and staff. Unfortunately, business owners may enforce their towing policies as posted at lot entrances in order to reserve their spaces. Please be aware of these changes.

Parking Regulations and Procedures

  • Campus Access, Parking, and Security Fee (CAPS)

    Each student will be issued a parking permit for access to Central Piedmont parking lots. In recent years, Central Piedmont has faced increasing costs to maintain parking and security services on our eight campuses. Historically, a portion of these costs have been paid through revenues from the sale of parking cards and parking lot exit fees paid by Central Campus students. In order to share these costs among our students taking classes at all our campus locations, the college has implemented the CAPS (Campus Access, Parking, and Security) Fee. All Central Piedmont students who use our campus facilities benefit from the presence of Security Services, which are funded by the CAPS fee.

    Revenues collected from CAPS fees are used to pay costs of campus security and parking lot rental and maintenance at all Central Piedmont campuses and centers.

    For CAPS fee rates, visit the tuition and payment site.

  • Student Parking Decals

    Each student, even those exempt from paying the CAPS fee, who takes classes at a location owned and operated by Central Piedmont will be issued a parking permit for access to Central Piedmont parking lots. Using parking decals allows us to set the parking lot exit gates to operate freely, making for a faster exit from parking lots. 

    How to Pick Up Your Central Piedmont Parking Decal

    You get one parking decal per semester to put on your car. You can pick up your decal:

    • once you have paid your tuition in full
    • starting one week before classes start through the week after classes start for the term

    Pick up your decal at any campus at the Cashiering/Business office. You will need to show your student ID and your class schedule/receipt.

    Where to Place Your Parking Decal

    Put your parking decal on the inside of the driver's side rear window.

    Lost Parking Decals

    A lost decal will be replaced for $5, we verify that you have previously paid the CAPS fee.. You may pay the $5 fee at the Cashier’s office at any Central Piedmont campus location.

  • Visitor Parking

    On Central Campus, visitors and new students may go to Lot #5 behind the Central High Building and park. On other campuses, visitors may get answers to parking questions not answered by this website at the information center at each campus.

  • Accessible Parking

    Central Piedmont Community College, Preferred Parking, and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department want to ensure that all persons in need of accessible parking have access to appropriate parking spaces. North Carolina statute 20-37.6(2) makes it illegal for any person who is not qualified to receive a accessible parking placard to exercise such rights. A violation of G.S. 20-37 carries a penalty up to $250. Preferred Parking and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are going to actively enforce this statute on the Central Piedmont campus. Please help us ensure parking spaces are available to those who need them by not parking in accessible spaces unless you qualify.

    Questions? Please call 704-330-6117 or send us an email.

  • Student Parking Regulations

    Spirit and Intent

    Central Piedmont parking areas are maintained for the benefit of students, employees, and visitors to every campus and facility utilized by Central Piedmont Community College. Central Piedmont's Parking Regulations will be enforced for the benefit of those who use campus facilities, to ensure that all permitted or authorized individuals have maximum access to suitable parking in and around campus parking areas. Enforcement of parking regulations will be performed with the express intent of maintaining accessible and safe parking for all who visit Central Piedmont.

    Enforcement, Fees, and Appellate Review

    1. Notice of Parking Violation will be issued to those who park incorrectly, thereby preventing others from parking, or to those drivers who park a vehicle in a manner so as to cause an unsafe condition. A violation notice will be issued in an envelope, which will be placed on the window of the offending vehicle in a place where the notice may be easily observed by the driver. If a driver is present in the parked vehicle, you will be instructed to correct the violation. A notice of violation will not be issued if the driver corrects the violation.
    2. Each notice of parking violation and its current disposition will be stored in a database for a period of not less than 5 yrs.
    3. Fee Schedule: Fees associated with fines will be $15 for each violation.
    4. Payments: may be made through clearly indicated verbiage printed on the notice of violation. Payments may be made by check or money order. Cash will not be accepted by Parking Personnel. Payments may also be remitted on-line, via credit card.
    5. Appeals: may be made through clearly printed instructions on the reverse of the violation notice. Appeals will be processed via a third party parking adjudicator not directly affiliated with Central Piedmont Community College or its parking, security, or ticketing processes.
    6. Records Hold: Repeat violators with accumulated fees in excess of $50 may be reported to the registration office, and a hold may be placed on grades and registration. This will be initiated at the direction of the Parking Manager. Each hold must be approved by the Director of Administrative Services/Bursar.
    7. Wheel Locks: Wheel locking devices represent restraint of movement. Vehicles will be wheel locked only if the driver has three or more open, unpaid notices of violation. All wheel locks must be pre-approved by the Parking Manager, and the Security Operations Shift Supervisor must be placed on stand-by to observe safe removal. Cases not resolved by wheel locking devices may be directed to the attention of Charlotte Mecklenburg Courts or to the office of the Associate Vice President of Student Services, as applicable.
    8. Enforcement Towing: Towing will be accomplished at Central Piedmont only when a vehicle is parked in an unsafe manner, or obstructs other vehicles. All vehicles to be towed and impounded must be pre-approved by the Parking Manager, who will inform the Senior Director of Security or designated representative.

    Parking Guidelines

    1. Student Parking Areas will be designated with posted signage. Students must display proper permit.
    2. Employee Parking Areas will be designated with posted signage. Employees must display appropriate permits. Employees must possess employee parking access cards in gated areas.
    3. Visitor Parking Areas will be designated by posted signage and by gates and pay-stations. Visitors will pay established parking fee upon exit from parking area. Visitors may be issued tokens for validated, unpaid exit from parking areas.

    Violations Subject to Issuance of Notice of Parking Violation and Definitions of Violations

    1. No Permit Displayed: No Employee Permit Displayed in an employee only parking area, no Student Permit Displayed in a student only parking area
    2. Expired Permit: Permit has expired.
    3. Parking on/over the line: Taking two spaces, and thereby preventing someone else from parking.
    4. No Parking: Parking a vehicle in a designated no parking area. Creates an unsafe condition for other drivers, and may obstruct emergency access for response vehicles.
    5. One Hour Limit: Parking over allotted time in a time-restricted visitor parking area.
    6. Time Restricted Loading Zone Violation: Parking over allotted time in a 20 minute loading zone.
    7. Blocking Drive Aisle or Driveway: Using parked vehicle to obstruct a driveway, thereby creating an unsafe condition or preventing other drivers from entering or exiting.
    8. No Student Parking: No students may park in an area designated for employees or in unpaid visitor parking areas. Exception:: Employees of Central Piedmont enrolled in less than six credit hours may park in employee parking areas by displaying the appropriate permit.
    9. No Employee Parking: No Employees may park in a designated student or unpaid visitor parking area. Exceptions: Employees who choose to pay CAPS fee may be permitted to use student parking areas. Employees with disabilities may be authorized by a Dean or Associate Dean on a case-by-case basis to use student or visitor parking areas without incurring cost.
    10. Unauthorized use of handicapped space: Parking in an handicapped space with no displayed placard or license tag permit. Fraudulent use of an handicapped placard not assigned to the vehicle driver or passenger. Fine: $250.
    11. Unauthorized use of handicapped van access zone: Parking in a zone designated for wheelchair accessible vans.
    12. Breaking Gate: Visitor has broken a parking gate without emergency, thereby damaging school property.
    13. No Storage: No unauthorized long-term storage or unauthorized overnight parking of personal vehicles in Central Piedmont Facilities.
    14. Littering: Depositing or Dumping of refuse or hazardous materials on Central Piedmont property.
    15. Fire Lane: Parking a motor vehicle in a manner which obstructs a zoned fire lane, thereby causing a great safety deficiency.
    16. Lot Closed: Unauthorized parking in an area which has been closed after hours, or reserved for maintenance or special function.
    17. Gate Running: A driver has deliberately jeopardized him or herself, his or her vehicle, other drivers, pedestrians and vehicles, and Central Piedmont property in a deliberate act of theft, by tailgating out of a visitor parking gate or into a gated employee area to avoid payment of fees.
    18. Reserved Parking Violation: A vehicle has been parked in a reserved parking space.
    19. Improper Display of Permit: A permit has been placed in a manner that obscures vital data. Indicates a possible attempt to misuse or share a permit.
    20. Misuse of Permit: Sharing of transferable permits to avoid payment of fees.
    21. Misuse of Employee Parking Card: Sharing of card to allow an unauthorized individual access to a gated employee area.
    22. Unsafe Operation of Motor Vehicle: Motorist drives in such a manner as to endanger lives or property. A notice for this violation must be approved by a CMPD Officer, the Parking Manager, or by the on-duty Security Investigator.

    Enforcement Considerations

    1. Enforcement in parking areas will be performed only up to a level necessitated by the need to provide adequate and safe parking for all those who visit Central Piedmont Community College or use its facilities. Enforcement in alleys, roadways, drive lanes, and fire lanes will be performed rigorously to ensure that the highest possible level of safety is maintained at all times.
    2. An appellate process will be made available for all drivers who receive notices of parking violation. Adjudication of appeals will be performed by a removed third party.
    3. All Appellate communication will occur in writing. Telephone contact will never result in a completed appeal process, and interpersonal contact must result in a written appeal.
    4. When applicable and available, photographs of the violation will be provided to the driver upon request.
    5. Cash will never be accepted by a Parking Enforcement Officer for payment of parking violation fees.
  • Employee Parking Regulations

    • Please display permits at all times.
    • The permit must be displayed in lower left corner of the rear window. 
      • Drivers of convertible top automobiles may display the permit on the windshield, ensuring that it is placed in such a way as to not interfere with the driver’s ability to view the road.
    • Your parking permit is for designated employee areas only. If you park in student areas, payment of posted rate is required.
    • Your parking sticker is for your use only. If you utilize multiple vehicles, you may apply for a second sticker for that car.
    • If your vehicle information changes we ask that you update that online at Preferred Parking.
    • Designated loading areas have a 20-minute limit. These spaces are to load and unload materials from your vehicle. Please clear the area after loading/unloading, so that another employee may use the space.
    • Parking in designated spaces is very important, as it maximizes available space for all employees. “No parking” areas and fire lanes will be strictly enforced.
    • If you have a lot of materials to unload for a class and need to temporarily park as close to the building as possible, you can park in the loading zone of the building for 20 minutes or call the College Security Services non-emergency number and they will dispatch a Preferred Parking attendant to assist you if you have problems with finding an area to unload.
    • If you need to get a parking pass for a guest speaker, call the College Security Services non-emergency number and they will contact Preferred Parking Services. 

    If you have outstanding tickets, your new sticker will not be issued until your tickets have been resolved. If you receive any tickets please pay or make use of the appeal process by following instructions on the back of the ticket. Do not give your tickets to anybody. Handle them directly with Parking Services.

    Please direct all parking questions, concerns, and suggestions to Preferred Parking Service. Parking Services is located in Central High 264 and can be contacted at 704-330-6117.

  • Parking Citations

    Parking citations must be paid within 7 business days of issue date to avoid penalty per the instructions on the citation. Send citation appeals to:

    Parking Services Manager
    128 S. Tryon Street
    Suite 1560
    Charlotte, NC 28202

    You can also make a parking citation appeal at