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Each of the nearly 300 degrees, certificates, diplomas, and non-credit continuing education programs Central Piedmont offers will prepare you for a career in one or more of the following 14 fields. Explore programs by your career field of interest.

Business and Accounting

In today’s workplace, business, accounting, leadership, management, and digital marketing skills are in high demand in almost every industry.

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Communication, English, Journalism, Visual and Performing Arts

Successful communication—whether through written, spoken, or visual means—is an essential skill and is sought after by employers.

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Construction and Trades

Get hands-on training in HVAC, construction management, electrical systems, non-destructive examination, sustainability technology, and welding.

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Design and Architecture

Gain the skills you need to pursue a career that will allow you to explore ways to make the most of the physical and digital spaces you inhabit.

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Developing younger generations is an important role in society. Training effective teachers is the key to making that happen.

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In today’s workplace, engineers are needed to apply critical thinking and to solve complex problems in a variety of industries.

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There is something for everyone interested in pursuing a career in healthcare including nursing, dental hygiene, surgical technology and more.

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Hospitality, Culinary, and Baking

Hospitality, culinary arts, and baking and pastry arts are hands-on programs taught by experienced industry professionals in a real-world setting.

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Information Technology

Get the hands-on training and in-demand skills you need to succeed in an information technology career from Central Piedmont.

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Liberal Arts

Today, it is not enough to possess technical skills. You must also think critically, problem-solve, and understand the world around you.

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Mathematics and Science

Join a community of thinkers, explorers, and problem solvers as you delve into the wonders of math, biology, physical science, and chemistry.

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Public Safety

Public Safety programs give you the foundation to pursue a career that will allow you to make a difference in your community

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Public Services

Public services careers allow you to support your community by offering products that people need, such as cosmetology or horticulture.

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Transportation Systems

Almost everything in the world has to be transported in some way. People, goods, and services all depend on reliable transportation.

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