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Learn when classes start, when you can register, and how to register. Fall registration is on now — keep reading to learn more.

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You can register for classes after you apply, attend orientation, and meet with an academic advisor. Give yourself plenty of time to enroll based on when you want to start classes.

Semester, 12-Week, 8-Week, and 4-Week-Long Courses Available

In addition to full semester (16-week) courses, courses are also offered within the full semester in 12-week, 8-week, or 4-week session formats. There is a priority registration period and an open registration period for each semester. Priority registration is when registration first opens for all terms in a semester. After priority and open registration end for a semester, you can still register for 12-, 8-, or 4-week session courses that have not started yet.

Keep reading for details on term dates, when you can register, and schedule adjustment dates.

Semester/Session Dates and When You Can Register: College-Credit Seeking Students

After priority and open registration end for a semester, you can still register for courses in sessions within that semester that have not started yet. The last day you can register for a term or session is the day before that session starts. You can still register and pay for classes online during times when the college is closed.

  • Fall 2021

    The full fall 2021 semester is Monday, August 16–Friday, December 10, 2021 (16 weeks).

    Register for Fall 2021 Now

    Fall 2021 open registration is now until Sunday, August 15, 2021.

    After the priority and open registration periods end, you can still register for fall sessions that haven't started yet:

    Term(s) Last Day You Can Register Start Date Schedule Adjustment (Drop-Add) Period
    Full fall term, first 12-week, first 8-week, and first 4-week session Sun., Aug. 15 Mon., Aug. 16 Mon., Aug. 16–Tue., Aug. 17
    Second fall 12-week and second 4-week sessions Sun., Sept. 12 Mon., Sept. 13 Mon., Sept. 13–Tue., Sept. 14
    Second fall 8-week and third 4-week sessions Tue., Oct. 12 Wed., Oct. 13 Wed., Oct. 13–Thu., Oct. 14
    Last fall 4-week session Tue., Nov. 9 Wed., Nov. 10 Wed., Nov. 10–Thu., Nov. 11

    Register online in MyCollege or register in the Central Piedmont mobile app.

    Fall 2021 Session Dates

    Term Dates
    Full fall semester Mon., Aug. 16–Fri., Dec. 10
    First fall 12-week session Mon., Aug. 16–Fri., Nov. 5
    First fall 8-week session Mon., Aug. 16–Fri., Oct. 8
    First fall 4-week session Mon., Aug. 16–Fri., Sept. 10
    Second fall 12-week session Mon., Sept. 13–Fri., Dec. 10
    Second fall 4-week session Mon., Sept. 13–Fri., Oct. 8
    Second fall 8-week session Wed., Oct. 13– Fri., Dec. 10
    Third fall 4-week session Wed., Oct. 13–Tue., Nov. 9
    Fourth fall 4-week session Wed., Nov. 10–Fri., Dec. 10

    View dates on the college calendar.

  • Summer 2021

    The full summer 2021 term is Monday, May 17–Tuesday, July 13, 2021 (8 weeks). Registration for summer 2021 has closed.

    Summer 2021 Session Dates

    Term Dates
    Full summer term Mon., May 17–Tue., July 13

    First summer 4-week session

    Mon., May 17–Mon., June 14
    Second summer 4-week session Tue., June 15–Tue., July 13

    View dates on the college calendar

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