Vision, Mission, Values

Central Piedmont's future will be built on a set of well-defined vision, mission, and value statements that guide our every action.



Impacting Students and Community

Our Vision 

Central Piedmont will be a champion of students, a catalyst for opportunity, and an exceptional provider of learning experiences that transform lives and strengthen our community. 

Our Mission 

To facilitate student learning, success and completion, Central Piedmont provides exceptional education and globally competitive training in an engaging, supportive environment. 

Our Values 


We are committed to students and learning. Student Success is the heart of everything we do. 

Student Success: Students intentionally and equitably navigating well-designed pathways to reach their educational, career, and life goals. 


We recognize the power of partnerships and effective communication and work collaboratively within our organization and externally in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community and beyond. 


We strive to achieve excellence by recognizing opportunities, solving problems, and innovatively serving our students and community. 


We demonstrate integrity, transparency, and effective use of resources by assessing our programs and services and using data to inform our decisions. 


We believe all individuals have the potential to succeed and we will provide student-focused pathways to achievement. 


We are passionate about our work. We are willing to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses and confront challenges with intentionality.