Guidance Counselors: Talk to Your Students About Central Piedmont

At Central Piedmont, the future is full of possibility. Possibility sparks ideas. Ignites innovation. Fuels exploration. Propels us forward. Learn why Central Piedmont should be all your students' first choice for the next phase of their journey.

Why Central Piedmont Should be Your Students' First College Choice

Whatever your students want to do, they can do it here at an affordable cost.

Central Piedmont provides numerous pathways to enable all your students — from those who want to get started on a career right away, to those who want to pursue advanced college degrees — to get a real-world education while enjoying a full college experience.


Real-world readiness doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

  • Save More than $42,000

    Our tuition rates are substantially lower than what students would pay at a four-year university.

  • Debt-Free College

    Your students can get a high-quality, real-world education without going into debt. Learn how recent Central Piedmont alumni have avoided the debt crisis by choosing community college.

  • Scholarships

    Our scholarships help your students get the education they deserve. Central Piedmont awards more than $3 million in scholarships annually, and 54% of our students receive financial assistance through grants, scholarships, and outside assistance.

    Note: All students should apply for financial aid every year they plan to enroll in college, even if they don't think they're eligible for aid. If they miss a financial aid priority date, they are still encouraged to file the FAFSA and will be considered for federal student aid (if eligible) — but, funds may become limited.

Get the Education You Deserve

At Central Piedmont, we offer scholarships that help students afford their education, get closer to their goals, and conquer possibility.

Next Step-Ready

Being college-educated doesn't have to mean getting a bachelor's degree. Getting a four-year degree or more is not the definition of success, and doing so isn't for everybody.

We offer programs in 14 career fields with more than 55 professional pathways to prepare students for their next step, whatever it may be.

  • Transfer to a 4-Year School Seamlessly

    Students can earn an associate degree to easily transfer to a 4-year school. Our transfer degrees guarantee their placement in a UNC system university (within specific degrees or pathways), and we have several guaranteed admissions transfer programs.

    Not to mention that, on average, students who transfer from a community college have a higher GPA than students who start their bachelor's right out of high school.

  • Start a Career Right Away

    4-year college not for them? Students can take a direct path to employment instead.

  • Earn College Credit in High School

    Students don't have to wait until graduation to start their next step. Be sure to encourage your students to explore our opportunities to jump start their career or college education through dual enrollment or middle college high schools.

Full College Experience

Possibility lives beyond the classroom, and your students don't have to go to a four-year school to get a high-quality education or a "full college experience."


  • Student Life

    As part of the Central Piedmont student experience, students can join a sports team, study abroad, start or join a club like Student Government Association, volunteer, get involved in the arts, and more.

  • Support

    Student success is our number one priority. Our services and resources are here to help students grow and reach their full potential every step of the way.

Get to Know Us

We'd love to share more with you about the value of a Central Piedmont education.

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Schedule a Tour

We encourage all students and parents to schedule a tour at any of our campuses or attend an open house or information session to experience the excitement of being a student firsthand. You can also schedule a group tour to bring a group of your students to campus.