Keeping Your Financial Aid

To keep receiving the financial aid you are awarded, you will need to maintain satisfactory academic progress. If you withdraw from classes, reduce the number of classes you're enrolled in, or fail to attend class — it will likely affect the amount of your financial aid award. 

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  • Academic Standards

    Federal regulations require students receiving federal financial aid to maintain satisfactory progress according to standards set by Central Piedmont and the federal government. This policy applies to students applying for or receiving federal and state funds. Failure to fulfill any part of the agreement may result in the cancellation of financial aid awards and students may be responsible for repaying any funds received. 

  • Failures and Withdrawals

    Failure to attend class and/or withdrawal from class may impact your financial assistance. Visit Failures and Withdrawals to learn how. 

  • Repeated Coursework Policy

    The Department of Education has recently published new regulations which impact student who repeat courses.  These repeat courses may impact your financial aid eligibility and awards for Federal Title IV financial aid. View the Repeated Coursework Policy to learn how.