Cost of Attendance Estimates for Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Cost of Attendance is an estimate of expenses you can reasonably expect to pay. The cost of financial aid includes both direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs include charges paid directly to Central Piedmont, like tuition and fees.

Indirect costs are other expenses that should be considered while enrolled, like books, supplies, transportation cost, miscellaneous expenses, as well as food and housing.

What Do the Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Estimates Include?

If you are attending at least half-time, the cost of financial aid at Central Piedmont is the estimate of cost for:

  • books, course materials, supplies, and equipment
  • food and housing
  • transportation expenses
  • miscellaneous expenses (including a reasonable amount for the documented cost of a personal computer)
  • allowance for childcare or other dependent care
  • disability-related expenses
  • obtaining a license, certification, or a first professional credential
  • eligible study abroad programs (reasonable costs) 

The Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Estimates are used to determine financial aid eligibility only and do not represent actual student expenses, as these vary based on individual expenses, including housing, food, books, supplies, transportation, and other expenses. Most students pay less than the full cost of attendance, once financial aid is figured into the equation.

The cost of aid for less-than-half-time students was previously limited to allowances for tuition and fees, books, supplies, transportation, dependent care expenses, and (for a limited duration) room and board. The FAFSA Simplification Act expanded the types of expenses that a school may include in the cost of aid for a less than half-time student to include all of the categories listed in the 2023-2024 Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Estimates, unless it is specifically noted that the category applies only to students who are enrolled at least half-time.

Students enrolled in programs that require professional licensure, certification, or a first professional credential, will have the allowance for costs obtaining the license, certification, or credential included in their cost of attendance.

The following Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Estimates apply specifically to the 2023-2024 academic year and are offered to give you an idea of anticipated costs associated with attending Central Piedmont during this time period.

2024-2025 Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Estimates (PDF)

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