Military Families and Veterans Services

Military Families and Veterans Services

Military Families and Veterans Services at Central Piedmont helps you navigate your path at the college and in the community so you can succeed in your courses, adjust to the campus environment, and transition to civilian employment.

You Served. Now We are Here to Serve You.

Military Families and Veterans Services is extremely proud of our long-standing relationship with the men and women in uniform who bravely serve this country. We are thankful for the sacrifices of your families.

We help support Executive Order 13607 to strengthen oversight, enforcement, and accountability of education programs and to ensure our service members, veterans, and your family have the information you need to make informed decisions concerning your well-earned educational benefits.

Veterans GI Bill Benefits and Coronavirus

Our Services and Resources

Your Benefits

  • Veterans Affairs Healthcare

    If you served in the active military, naval, or air service and are separated under any condition other than dishonorable, you might qualify for Veterans Health Administration benefits.

    Learn about VA healthcare eligibility and how to apply.

  • Set Up Your E-Benefits Account

    The VA has started migrating from their E-benefits website to the site. However, some requirements must still be completed on the E-benefits site.

    If you have a common access card, you can use it to log in to E-benefits. If you do not have a common access card, you will need to register for your account manually. As a prior service member, you can also sign up for a premium account that will allow you access to all E-benefits options.

    To set up your E-benefits account, visit the VA E-Benefits website and click "Register."

  • Apply for Service-Related Injury or Disability; Chapter 31 Vocational Rehab

    Central Piedmont cannot recommend any one service, but there are many options available to you. Some are free. Students have used an advocate to apply for their disability, but you are able to apply for your disability without an advocate.

    Visit the VA Disability page for details.

    Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation

    Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation, for service members with service-related disabilities, is very similar to Chapter 33 Post 9-11. However, Chapter 31 is more of an employment benefit than an education benefit. To apply for Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation, you must complete a request through VA E-Benefits. If you are eligible, you will be assigned a VA counselor that will assist you in building a plan.

  • Order Military Medical Records

    If you are an active member, get certified copies of your medical records before you separate from the military. You will often get two copies of your records: one for your personal records, and one to provide to the VA.

    Military medical records may be found at different locations depending on the service you were in when you served. Learn how to request your military medical records from the National Archives.


Military Families and Veterans Services is committed to providing veteran friendly services with vast community resources. We assist Central Piedmont students, family members, and veterans who are transitioning from military duty to civilian life by providing a holistic service approach. We have great relationships and partnerships with community organizations and offer strategic veteran events, and robust student life programs. We welcome you and invite you to get involved.