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Central Piedmont Community College Admissions helps you on your academic journey. Our Admissions team is trained to answer your questions, connect you to our vast resources, and help you prepare for graduation.

Central Piedmont can help you reach your goals. Whether you're looking to earn an associate degree to enter a field or to transfer to a four-year institution, are a working professional looking to enhance your career or start a new one, want to work on skills to start college or find a job, are a student from another institution seeking to take classes to transfer back to your institution, or are a high school student wanting to jump start your college education — we're here to help.

How to get started depends on what you plan to accomplish at Central Piedmont. Get started early so you can enroll before the registration period begins.

High School Seniors

Join us at Senior Night to learn how you can work toward your bachelor's degree at a fraction of the cost.

Which Type of Student Are You?

Earn an associate degree. Enhance your career. Work on skills to start college or find a job. Jump start your college education while in high school. Whichever direction you're headed, Central Piedmont can help you get there.

Reach Your Goals

Possibility thinks college work should lead to real work

Real-world readiness doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Central Piedmont awards upwards of $3 million in scholarships annually, and 65% of our students receive grants and financial aid. Even better, our tuition rates are substantially lower than what you would pay at a four-year college or university.

Student Experience

Central Piedmont offers over 70 officially-sanctioned student organizations, a variety of opportunities to help support your interest in discovering and enhancing your own leadership skills, and recreational activities. You can also expand your personal, cultural, and global views through study abroad or service-learning.

Learn How to Get Involved