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About the GED®

Whether your next step is a college or job application, the GED® test will help you get there. More than twenty million people have passed the GED® test and you can be next. Get started today!

The GED® is a computerized test that measures skills in four subject areas. In order to obtain your high school equivalency diploma, all four of the following tests must be taken and passed:

  • Reading Through Language Arts

    • time: 150 minutes
    • topics: ability to read closely, write clearly, and edit and understand written text
  • Mathematics
    • time: 115 minutes
    • topics: quantitative and algebraic problem solving
  • Social Studies
    • time: 70 minutes
    • topics: civics and government,U.S. history, economics, geography and the world
  • Science
    • time: 90 minutes
    • topics: life science, physical science, earth and space science

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