College-Level Examination Program (CLEP®) Testing

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP®) is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the United States, with more than 2,900 colleges and universities awarding credit for satisfactory scores on CLEP® exams. Since 1967, four million people — adults returning to college, graduating high school seniors, and enrolled college students — have earned college credit through CLEP®. With CLEP®, a student can earn college credit for what he or she already knows, regardless of where or how that knowledge was acquired, by passing an examination.

All exams are 90 minutes in length and are composed of multiple-choice questions, with the exception of the College Composition exam (120 minutes and 2 essays). These exams require college-level knowledge and critical thinking ability. Sufficient preparation is required to do well. 

CLEP® for Military/Veterans

The CLEP program is proud of its long standing relationship with the DANTES to provide CLEP exams to eligible military service members, spouses and civil service employees. DANTES funds one CLEP exam in each of the 33 subject areas for the following groups:

  • military personnel (active duty, reserve, National Guard): Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Navy Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Army and Air National Guard
  • spouses and civilian employees of: Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve, Coast Guard (active and reserve)
    • effective October 15, 2014, spouses and civilian employees of Air National Guard can no longer receive DANTES funding

The DANTES eligibility chart provides information about who can benefit from DANTES funding. CLEP exams for civil service employees, inactive guard or reserve personnel, and spouses and dependents not listed on the chart are not funded through DANTES. 

To contact CLEP regarding U.S. Armed Forces information, please visit, or call 1.609.720.6740 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET.

    CLEP® Credit and Scores

    Central Piedmont awards credit for 25 CLEP® exams and will award CLEP credit based on the CLEP policy used at time of test.

    • Exams Central Piedmont Does and Does Not Accept

      For a detailed list of accepted CLEP® credit awarded at Central Piedmont and course descriptions, please review the Central Piedmont CLEP policy (PDF).

      Accepted CLEP Exams

      • Accounting, Financial
      • Algebra, College
      • American Literature
      • Biology
      • Business Law, Introductory
      • Calculus
      • Chemistry
      • College Composition
      • College Mathematics
      • English Literature
      • French, Level I
      • French, Level II
      • German, Level I
      • German, Level II
      • History of the U.S. I: Early Colonization to 1877
      • History of the U.S. II: 1865 to the Present
      • Human Growth and Development
      • Humanities
      • Macroeconomics, Principles of
      • Management, Principles of
      • Marketing, Principles of
      • Natural Science
      • Pre-calculus
      • Psychology, Introductory
      • Sociology, Introductory
      • Spanish, Level I
      • Spanish, Level II

      Central Piedmont students who perform satisfactorily on CLEP exams receive a grade of “X.” The “X” grade carries no quality points, but credit hours are awarded identical to the number normally assigned to that course at Central Piedmont. Students should consult an academic advisor to verify certain degree, diploma, and certificate restrictions.

      Non-Accepted CLEP Exams

      Central Piedmont does not recognize the following CLEP exams for credit:

      • Analyzing & Interpreting Literature
      • College Composition Modular
      • Educational Psychology, Introduction to
      • Freshman Composition
      • Information Systems and Computer Applications
      • Social Sciences and History
      • Western Civilization I
      • Western Civilization II
    • Scores

      With the exception of the College Composition exam, you will receive a printout of your score as soon as you finish taking the exam. With the exception of the College Composition exam, it will normally take 2 - 3 weeks for your school to receive an official score report from CLEP. Because the College Composition exam contains two essays, it will normally take four weeks to receive your score. A copy of your score will be sent to both your school and home address. You may contact CLEP's Transcripts Department at 1.800.257.9558 to verify that your official score report has been sent or if you need additional copies sent to other schools.

      Students may retake a CLEP exam after three months.

    Taking CLEP® Exams