Make-Up Course Testing

Make-up course testing allows Central Piedmont instructors the freedom to have their make-up test(s) proctored in a quiet, secure environment in the Testing Center.

Make-Up Course Testing Guidelines and Procedures

The Testing Center can help instructors by proctoring make-up tests for students who have missed an exam. Make-up testing is limited to five or fewer students who missed a particular test.

The Testing Center does not administer midterm or final exams.

Instructor Processes

  • Submit Your Make-Up Course Test

    1. If testing at a campus besides Central Campus, first email to ensure make-up course testing is available at your campus.
    2. Bring in your make-up test(s) at least one business day before the testing start date. As a courtesy to our Testing Center staff, do not submit your make-up test the same day you need it administered. Testing Center staff need time to process and file the make-up test. Submitting make-up tests on the same day you need it administered will delay the processing of your test.
    3. Completely fill out a blue sheet for your make-up test(s), found in the Testing Center faculty work area. Failure to complete a blue sheet may delay the processing of your make-up test. Your blue sheet lists specific instructions about the administration of your make-up test. Fields to be completed on the sheet include, but are not limited to, course name, instructor contact information, test name, begin and end date, test length, number of students (1–5), and materials used (if any).
      1. The make-up test will be filed as “make-up" print "MU" on your blue sheet.
      2. List the date range when you would like your students to take the make-up test. (The beginning date on your blue sheet is the date the make-up test starts, not the date you bring the make-up test to the Testing Center.)
      3. Specify what, if any, materials students are permitted to use during the make-up test (scratch paper, calculator, dictionary, etc.). In order to preserve testing security and integrity, e-books are not permitted during "open book" tests.
      4. If you need any help completing the blue sheet, please ask the Testing Center staff.
    4. Leave the make-up test with a testing administrator for processing and review.
    5. After we process your make-up test, we will file it in a secured cabinet under your last name.
    6. If Scantrons are required for your make-up test, you must supply them.

    Students are not permitted to drop off make-up tests— this poses a security risk and compromises the integrity of the Testing Center.

  • Pick Up Your Make-Up Course Tests

    1. When picking up a completed make-up test, check two folders: one for which make-up tests have been given out/incoming tests, and one for your completed make-up tests.
    2. It is your responsibility to review and count your make-up tests before you leave the Testing Center. Between your two folders, you should have the same number of make-up tests as you started with. By counting the make-up tests before you leave the Testing Center, you both verify that you have received all of your make-up tests and ensure that you do not have another instructor’s make-up tests. If for any reason you are missing a make-up test, please see Testing Center staff.
    3. After you count and collect your make-up tests, sign and date the blue sheet and list the number of make-up tests you collected.
    4. Leave your completed blue sheet with the Testing Center for filing.

Students: Schedule and Take Your Make-Up Test

  • Schedule Your Make-Up Course Test

    To schedule your make-up test, please visit the main Testing Center page:

    • Find a Central Piedmont Testing Center location.
    • View make-up testing hours for each location.
    • Contact the Testing Center location where you want to take your test and schedule your testing appointment.
  • What You Can and Can't Bring to Your Make-Up Test

    1. Before you take your make-up test, ask your instructor which testing aids (like calculators, dictionaries, books, etc.) you can use on the make-up test.
    2. You are not allowed to use an e-book during an open-book make-up test.
    3. You need to bring your own calculator (if calculators are allowed on your make-up test).
    4. The Testing Center will provide scratch paper.
    5. You are not allowed to access your cell phone, smartwatch, or other electronic devices during your make-up test under any circumstances. When you arrive, you must completely power down and store these devices.
  • When You Arrive For Your Make-Up Test

    1. Arrive at the date and time you scheduled with the site campus Testing Center.
    2. Sign in with the testing administrator.
    3. You will need to show your valid photo ID, such as a Central Piedmont student ID (preferred), driver's license, military ID, or passport.
    4. Ask for the make-up test filed under your instructor’s last name.
    5. When you finish your make-up test, return it to the testing administrator.