Course Testing

Course testing allows Central Piedmont instructors the freedom to have their test(s) proctored in a quiet, secure environment in the Testing Center.

Course testing has been paused until further notice.

Course Testing Guidelines and Procedures for Instructors

Review the following course testing guidelines prior to using the testing center to administer course testing. Testing center guidelines are subject to change.

  • The testing center does not administer final exams. This excludes tele-courses and online courses.
  • You are permitted to use the Testing Center two times per semester. Combining multiple class sections on one test is not permitted. This procedure is strictly enforced. This rule does not apply to online learning courses that require the use of a proctor.
  • You will be given a unique document number for each exam you leave in the Testing Center. Obtain the document number from the Testing Center and give this number to your students before students arrive to test. You may include this document number as part of your course syllabus. In most cases, this document number will remain the same for the entire semester.
  • Please bring in your test(s) at least one business day before it starts. Fill out a Blue Sheet, found in the Testing Center faculty work area. Fill out the blue sheet completely. Failure to complete a blue sheet may result in a processing delay. The blue sheet lists specific instructions related to the administration of the test. The beginning date on the blue sheet is the date the test starts, not the date you bring the test to the Testing Center. If you need any help completing the blue sheet, please ask testing center staff.
    • You may indicate a date range when you would like your students to test.
    • You may specify what, if any, materials students are permitted to use (scratch paper, calculator, dictionary, etc.). In order to preserve testing security and integrity, e-books are not permitted during "open book" tests.
  • If Scrantons are required for your test, you must supply them.
  • When picking up completed tests from the Testing Center, check the folder from the front side of the file cabinet (which has tests to be given out) and the folder from the back side (which has completed tests). The completed test folder contains a green tab. Go through the tests and count them before you leave the testing center. Between the two folders, you should have the same number of tests as you started with. By counting the tests before you leave the Testing Center, you both verify that you have received all of your tests back and ensure that you do not have another instructor’s test. If you are missing a test, please see Halemo.
  • If the test has expired and you are picking up the tests, sign and leave the blue sheet in the Testing Center. If you are picking up the completed tests before the test expires, please sign the green partial pick-up form (attached to the back side folder). Note the date and how many tests you are taking on the partial pick-up form.
  • If you have 5 students or fewer who need to make up a missed test, the tests can be filed as “make-up.” In this case, please print "MU" on the blue sheet instead of a document number. The make-up file is a specific file area separate from the document number area. All make-up tests are filed by instructor last name. For make-up tests only, we ask that you provide the same number of tests that you have students testing – even if the students do not write on the tests.
  • Abuse of course testing guidelines may result in the revocation of your testing center privileges.

Course Testing Hours

If you would like your test(s) proctored in the Central Campus testing center, please visit us in the Central High Building, Room 248. Visit the testing and assessment page for course testing hours.

Student Processes

  • Students will need to know the document number before arriving at the Testing Center.
  • Students must present a valid photo ID, such as a Central Piedmont student ID (preferred), driver's license, military ID, or passport for any course test.
  • Students are expected to bring their own calculators, if permissible.
  • Students are not permitted to drop off tests. This poses a security risk and compromises the integrity of the center.