Distance Proctoring Services

As part of its commitment to community service testing, the Central Campus Testing Center provides fee-based exam proctoring services for students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg and surrounding communities who are enrolled in distance learning courses at other colleges, or individuals pursuing certification or licensure exams.

Distance proctoring services are only for students taking a distance course through an institution other than Central Piedmont. If you are taking a Central Piedmont online course, please contact your Central Piedmont instructor for further information regarding testing options.

The testing center ensures the integrity and security of each exam through identification verification and supervision in a secure environment. Trained test proctors are able to monitor students through face-to-face proctoring and continuous video surveillance.

Proctoring Process

Please review the following before requesting distance proctoring services.

  • Location

    Proctoring services are located at the Central Campus Testing Center in the Parr Center, Suite 2000. However, some proctors are assigned to different campuses. Please verify your testing location with your proctor.

  • Fees

    Fees are subject to change.

    • Proctor fees for distance learning are $20.
    • Fees are waived for students taking a distance learning exam for a fellow North Carolina community college.

    You will need to pay the day of your exam at our Cashier's office. We can only accept cash, card, check, or money order at this time. Please pay the proctoring fee at the Cashier's Office BEFORE coming to the Testing Center.  

  • Schedule a Distance Proctoring Appointment

    Proctoring services are generally available Monday through Friday during daytime hours and are dependent on the proctor's schedule. It is your responsibility to ensure you will have enough time to complete your exam based upon our hours of operation. Because our primary responsibility is to our Central Piedmont students, space is limited.

    Proctoring services are not available on dates that the college is closed. Check the college calendar for dates when we are closed.

    Schedule your appointment(s) early. To ensure proctor availability, we request 1–2 weeks advance notice. Some schools/credentialing agencies require the proctor to complete an authorization form. If so, send this to your proctor at your earliest convenience.

    A proctor will contact you within 1–3 business days to schedule your appointment(s). Share our contact information with your school/credentialing agency so they will know where to send your exam(s). This is extremely important. If you need to cancel an appointment, please contact your proctor immediately.

    Schedule your distance proctoring appointment.

  • On The Day of Your Appointment

    1. Bring a valid photo ID (driver's license) and any other materials specified by your instructor.
    2. Leave non-testing materials at home or in your car.
    3. In the event of inclement weather or other emergency situations, please listen to area radio and television stations or call 704-330-6888 for announcements regarding the operation of the college.
  • Shipping Exams

    Some exams may need to be shipped to or from our testing center. If so, please use the following shipping information. If the exam is to be returned via FedEx, UPS, or DHL, a prepaid envelope is required. FedEx is highly recommended.

    FedEx Shipping Address (Street Address)

    Central Piedmont Community College
    Testing and Assessment Center
    Parr Center, Suite 2000
    1201 Elizabeth Avenue
    Charlotte, NC 28204

    UPS Shipping Address (Street Address)

    UPS will not pick up directly from the testing center. If using UPS, please expect a 1–2 day shipping delay.

    Central Piedmont Community College
    Testing and Assessment Center
    Parr Center, Suite 2000
    1325 East Seventh Street
    Charlotte, NC 28204

    USPS Mailing Address (P.O. Box)

    Central Piedmont Community College
    Testing and Assessment Center
    Parr Center, Suite 2000
    P.O. Box 35009
    Charlotte, NC 28235-500