Fees: For-College Credit Courses

All fees are subject to change. The full amount of fees you pay may vary based on the courses you take. If your tuition is waived, you are still required to pay applicable fees. Central Piedmont establishes tuition and fees under guidance of State Board policy 1E SBCCC 200.1. All fees are reviewed and approved by the college’s board of trustees.

Fee Amounts Per Semester

Refer to the applicable fee description section for details.

Fee Who Pays Amount Per Semester
Student Activity Publication All students $26 (1-8 credit hours)

$35 (9 or more credit hours)

Campus Access, Parking, and Security (CAPS) Most students (refer to fee description) $73 (1-8 in-person/hybrid credit hours)

$97 (9 or more in-person/hybrid credit hours)

Technology All students $48
Student Accident Insurance Students in certain courses $1.60
Applied Music Students in certain courses $200
IncludED Textbook Access All students  Refer to the IncludED Textbook Access section for details
Forensics Forensic course students $50 per course
Curriculum Lab Fees Students in certain courses $27 per lab hour with $216 maximum

Healthcare Programs

Many healthcare programs also have additional costs.

Additional healthcare program costs (PDF)

Campus Access, Parking, and Security (CAPS) Fee

Revenue collected from CAPS fees are used to pay for campus security, parking lot rental, and maintenance at all Central Piedmont campuses and centers. You will be issued a parking permit for access to Central Piedmont parking lots. With few exceptions, this fee is charged to all students at all campuses, even if you don't drive to campus. You are not required to pay the CAPS fee if you meet any of the following. 

  • You are enrolled in fully online classes only. If you enroll in both online classes and in-person classes, or in courses that are blended or hybrid (part in-person, part online), you are required to pay the CAPS fee.
  • You are a Central Piedmont student enrolled in classes that meet at area high schools or other locations not owned and operated by Central Piedmont. (You will not be issued a parking permit.)
  • You are a Central Piedmont student enrolled in classes that have no tuition costs (e.g., Adult High School, English as a Second Language, or I-LEAD students).
  • You are a senior citizen.

If you enroll in for-college-credit courses but drop all your courses prior to the first day of the academic semester, your CAPS fee will be refunded.

Learn more about the CAPS fee.

Lab Fees

Some courses — including online courses — require lab fees, used to provide supplies and equipment in the respective programs. The term "Lab Hours" includes both lab and clinical hours.

Appropriate lab fee amounts will be refunded if the class is canceled by the college or if you drop all your courses prior to the first day of the semester.

Technology Fee

The technology fee covers investments in technology and equipment needed to provide in-person and online courses. The technology fee will be refunded if you drop all your courses prior to the first day of the semester. 

IncludED Textbook Access

Beginning spring 2024: a $17 fee-per-credit hour is included with tuition and fees as part of your bill when you register. Visit the IncludED Textbook Access page to learn more about IncludED Textbook Access. 

Student Insurance Fee

Student accident insurance is only required for students enrolled in specific, high risk classes. You will be notified when you register for a class if that class requires that you buy student accident insurance. The cost of the insurance will be included in what you pay when you register.

To learn more about student accident insurance, or if you are interested in student health insurance, visit the student insurance page.

Testing Fees

To learn more about fees for tests,  including the GED and TEAS, visit the Testing and Assessment Center site.