Tuition Residence Status

If you plan to earn college credit at Central Piedmont, you need to confirm if you are classified as an in-state or as an out-of-state student (your state residence status). This classification determines what tuition rate you are charged for your classes. Use the Residency Determination Service (RDS) to figure out your state residence status. If you only plan to register for non-credit, continuing education courses, you do not need to establish your tuition residency.

Learn more about the Central Piedmont in-state tuition requirements policy.

    Submit Your Residency Information to Central Piedmont for the First Time

    Regardless of where you live, if you have never applied to Central Piedmont and plan to earn college credit here, you won't be able to submit your Central Piedmont application without first completing the following steps:

    1. Complete the online residency interview through the residency determination service to get your residency certification number (RCN).
    2. Provide your active residency certification number on your Central Piedmont application.

    You will be unable to register for for-college-credit courses without an active residency status or an active continuous enrollment expiration date.

    Check Your Residency Information

    If you already have a Central Piedmont login and have submitted your residency information before, you can check your residency status in MyCollege:

    1. Log into MyCollege.
    2. Select "Student Services."
    3. Select "Tuition Residency Status."

    If you already have a residency number and are still unable to register for courses, contact Admissions.

    Update Your Residency Information

    If you are seeking college credit at Central Piedmont and your residency status changes from what is on file with the college (including a reclassification or appeal), you must notify the college. This includes if you lose or abandon North Carolina residency while enrolled. To notify us of any changes in your residency status, complete the Residency Certification Number Submission form.

    You may also notify us of changes in your residency status by contacting Admissions or Registration Services at any campus.

    Tuition Benefits and Waivers

    There are special rules, benefits, and exemptions related to residency found under the "What to Know" dropdown on the Residency Determination Service website. If you feel you are eligible for one of the campus level benefits or waivers, please attach the appropriate documentation to a completed Tuition Benefit Submission form (Central Piedmont login required).

    Validation Results or Status Changes

    It is your responsibility to inform Central Piedmont of any changes in your residency determination before the end of the effected term.

    • If your residency determination changes from in-state to out-of-state residency status before the 10% point of the semester, you can pay out-of-state tuition or request a 100% refund.

      • Your balance must be paid within five business days from the date of this notification.
      • If a balance remains unpaid, no college transcripts or diplomas will be released.
      • To request a refund, drop the course(s) in MyCollege. After the drop is complete, contact the Cashiering Office for an adjustment within five days of the date on your notification.
    • If your residency determination changes from in-state to out-of-state residency status after the 10% point of the semester, you will be allowed to continue the current semester at the in-state rate. Your next semester will be at the out-of-state rate. Complete a residency status reconsideration or appeal to determine if you can still qualify for the in-state rate.
    • If your residency determination changes from out-of-state to in-state residency status, you might be eligible for a refund.

    Contact the North Carolina Residency Determination Service (RDS)

    The North Carolina Residency Determination Service was established by the NC General Assembly to ensure consistency in determining residency across all 58 community colleges and 16 state universities. Individual institutions do not make residency determinations. If you have questions, please contact the residency determination service at 844.319.3640 or email NC Residency Service.