Student Insurance

Central Piedmont offers insurance policies for student accident, health, and international travel.

Accident Insurance

Student accident insurance is required if you are enrolled in certain high-risk courses. You will be notified when you register for a class if that class requires that you buy student accident insurance; the cost of the insurance will be included in what you pay when you register. The current student accident insurance plan is offered through Chubb (ACE American Insurance Company). 

  • Policy Coverage and Eligibility

    • You can find the cost of the student accident insurance on the tuition and fees page.
    • Those eligible for coverage are all registered students of the policyholder for whom the premium has been paid.
    • The plan insures you against loss resulting from accidental bodily injury sustained while participating in or attending specific classes.
    • The policy offers primary coverage if you do not have other accident or health insurance coverage it is primary to Medicaid and TriCare. If you have other active accident or health insurance coverage, the policy becomes secondary.
    • Coverage starts at the beginning of the term and stops at the end of the term.
    • You are covered during classes and while attending school, as well as sponsored and supervised activities other than intercollegiate sports.
  • How to Report an Accident/Injury and File a Claim

    If you have an accident or are hurt during class, please contact Central Piedmont College Security at 704-330-6632 to report the injury. If you wish to seek medical attention, you are encouraged to do so.

    How to File a Claim

    1. Contact the Central Piedmont Enterprise Risk Management office at Provide the incident date, your student ID, and incident report number.
    2. Once your student accident insurance has been verified, Enterprise Risk Management will work with you to complete the student accident claim form to start the claim process.
    3. A claim adjuster from the insurance company will work directly with you. You are responsible for providing documentation as requested (e.g., itemized bills which give information pertaining to the injury and treatment, a copy of any EOB showing payment, or denial, of each bill.)

Health Insurance

Central Piedmont does not specifically endorse this plan or this provider. The Community College Student Insurance program is not endorsed by or affiliated with the State Board of Community Colleges nor the Community College System office.

  • Policy Coverage and Eligibility

    • Central Piedmont has worked with Community College Student Insurance (CCSI) for more than 15 years in order to provide an affordable volunteer health insurance program for students and your family.
    • CCSI is a subsidiary of Open Asset Management Co., a member of FINRA, and DBE, HUB-certified by the Department of Transportation and the State of North Carolina HUB Office.
    • CCSI is responsible for enrollment, eligibility verification, and premium collection for the plan.
  • Contact Information

    The plan is a voluntary option for you. If you are interested, contact Community College Student Insurance (CCSI) directly to enroll or compare with other plans available.

International Travel Insurance (Study Abroad)

  • Policy Coverage and Eligibility

    Enrollment is limited to Central Piedmont students. The coverage starts at the beginning of the trip and stops at the end of the trip. Off-time travel, such as sightseeing, is not covered by policy. Email Enterprise Risk Management for more information.

    Authorization, roster, and waiver forms specific to study abroad opportunities at Central Piedmont are located within the Global Learning department.