Enroll as a Veteran

Priority Application Dates

We accept applications after priority application dates. However, to increase the likelihood of completing the enrollment process, the college highly encourages you to submit all paperwork by priority application dates.

Semester Priority Application and
Transcript Date
Spring Oct. 1
April 1
Fall  June 1

If you submit all required paperwork by priority application dates, you can expect to be admitted to the college and to receive adequate time to plan, select, and register for classes. If you submit paperwork after priority application dates, be sure to have college-issued transcripts available for advising.

Steps to Enroll

  • Determine Your State Residency

    The amount of tuition you pay is based on whether you are considered an in-state or out-of-state student.

    Check or establish your state residency.

  • Apply for Admission

    If you have previously applied to Central Piedmont, you do not need to apply again. If you have applied to Central Piedmont before, but don’t know your student ID number or username, or if you are not sure if you are in our system, please call or email us before completing the application. If you do not receive an email with your student ID number within one business day, please contact Admissions or email fye@cpcc.edu.

    Complete the Central Piedmont admissions application.

  • Create Your Central Piedmont Login

    Create your Central Piedmont login. Your login will work in all of our systems after 6–24 hours. It will work right away only in the Central Piedmont login menu.

  • Attend Orientation

    Attend orientation. Orientation is required if you plan to earn a for-college-credit or transfer degree.

  • Apply for Financial Aid

    You might be eligible for more aid than you think. Financial aid includes Pell Grants, other grants, scholarships, and Veterans Affairs Education Benefits (such as the GI Bill). The Veterans Affairs Education Benefits Office at Central Piedmont does not determine your eligibility for Veterans Affairs Education Benefits. To determine eligibility for the GI Bill and/or VA benefits, contact the VA at 1.888.442.4551. Central Piedmont does not offer direct student loans.

    Review financial aid deadlines and apply for financial aid.

  • Take or Waive Placement Tests

  • Complete Program Applications (If Applicable)

    Many healthcare programs require you to complete an additional application for admittance into that specific program. The program page will indicate if an additional application is required. Contact your program of interest with any questions about its application.

  • Make an appointment with Military Families and Veterans' Services

    Military Families and Veterans’ Services will interpret your test scores and determine an academic plan based on your desired degree program. Continue to use Military Families and Veterans' Services and other resources.

  • Next Steps

    Review your next steps after enrolling, such as meeting with an advisor and registering for classes.

  • Request Certification

    After registering for classes, return to the Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs Education Benefits offices to discuss payment options in light of your aid and/or benefits.

    If you are using Chapter 33 and Chapter 31 education benefits, request certification before charges are due to secure your classes.

    If you are using Chapter 30, 35, and 1606, you will need to pay the charges (unless you have financial aid or a sponsor) before requesting certification.

  • Verify Your Enrollment on the Last Day of Each Month

    After the Veterans Affairs Education Benefits Office has certified your enrollment to the VA Regional Processing Office, you are required to verify that the number of hours you are enrolled in has not changed.

    If you are using Chapter 30 and 1606, you must verify your enrollment on the last day of each month by calling 1.877.823.2378, or by using WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment) through gibill.va.gov. You are responsible for notifying the Central Piedmont Veterans Affairs Education Benefits office immediately when changes are made to your enrollment by submitting a VA Schedule Adjustment form. The Central Piedmont Veterans Affairs Education Benefits office is responsible for transmitting all changes of enrollments immediately to the VA Regional Processing Office.