Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors act as liaisons between the college, prospective and current students and their families, guests, alumni, business partners, and friends of the college by engaging in activities that promote Central Piedmont pride, communicate the mission, vision, and culture of the college, strengthen our traditions, and encourage lifelong involvement with the college.

Our Student Ambassadors are student leaders who serve the college in an official capacity and come from a variety of academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

Meet Your Student Ambassadors of 2019-20

  • Fernanda D'Agostini Barsanti

    From São Paulo, Brazil

    Fernanda D'Agostini Barsanti student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Engineering

    Ever since I was little, I felt this tremendous curiosity for the cosmos. I had the opportunity to become an international student at Central Piedmont and follow my dream to become an engineer. Going to college in another country can be very overwhelming, but once I started getting involved in the campus and the community, I found that college is lively and offers so much more than just academics. This place has taught me a lot, it has helped me grow personally and professionally, and it will always be part of me.

  • Caylin Breakfield

    From Charlotte, NC

    Caylin Breakfield student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Arts

    I am in my third year at Central Piedmont. I have been taking classes that work towards my associate degree while also classes of interest outside of my degree requirements. I am undecided about my major, but I have always enjoyed the detail in math as well as the creativity in art. I currently work at Metrolina Gymnastics coaching recreational classes and it I enjoy it! I feel like I have done my job well when I work hard and intentionally, and I believe that is important to apply in any situation in my life.

  • Hannahlisa Breakfield

    From Charlotte, NC

    Hannahlisa Breakfield student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Arts

    I have lived in Charlotte my whole life and it's been wonderful. This is my third year at Central Piedmont. I am undecided about a major because I have a broad spectrum of interest. I take classes that interest me and that don’t necessarily count towards my associate degree. Three things that I enjoy the most about my life are being with family, being with friends, and playing games/puzzles.

  • Anna Graham

    From Charlotte, NC

    Anna Graham student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Arts

    My dream is to share with others the magic of the written word the same way my mother did for me. Therefore, I am gaining my Associate in Arts at Central Piedmont with the goal of transferring to a four-year university to major in English. With an English degree, my plan is to become an English literature professor to achieve my desire to instill a love of stories in others. Through my position as a Student Ambassador at Central Piedmont, I am able to get involved on campus and promote the institution that is helping me achieve my dreams. Who knows — maybe one day I might come back to Central Piedmont, but as a professor!

  • Nayelli Guardarrama

    From Charlotte, NC

    Nayelli Guardarrama student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Arts

    I am an Opportunity Scholar, STEM Leader, and Student Ambassador. Choosing to start my studies at Central Piedmont has been the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. My passion in being a Student Ambassador is driven by all the amazing opportunities I have earned while being here at Central Piedmont, my goal is to continue to learn about new opportunities and share my knowledge with others. As I continue my studies, I plan to transfer to a four year university to earn a professional degree in architecture.

  • Dixyann Mark

    From Trinidad and Tobago

    Dixyann Mark student ambassador portrait

    Program: Hospitality Management

    I am an international student hailing from Trinidad and Tobago and pursuing an Associate Degree in hospitality management. I chose Central Piedmont because it provides a well rounded education and affordable tuition. As an international student, factors such as making personal connections, low student-teacher ratio, and scholarship opportunities are important to me. Central Piedmont has given me the right mix of exposure and experiences to be successful in my goals. Feel free to say 'hi' or engage in conversation if you see me around campus — I am here to assist.

  • Ahsan Mehmood

    From Lahore, Pakistan

    Ahsan Mehmood student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Arts

    I was born in Pakistan. I was raised by a single mother, so from a very early age, I learned the importance of work ethic. I enrolled here at Central Piedmont for a financial reason. I came to Central Piedmont with a typical mindset that community college is not as good as a university or that I am wasting my time. However, upon starting at Central Piedmont, I quickly learned that was not true. Central Piedmont offers a strong community that helps build individual and strengthen their character. As a student ambassador, I can educate people about how Central Piedmont can... help them conquer possibilities.

  • Glody Mutebwa

    From Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

    Glody Mutebwa student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Engineering

    Glody is an international student from the Democratic Republic of Congo. After his secondary school, he decided to come to the U.S. in order to pursue his dream of higher education. He chose Central Piedmont for its affordability and its opportunities. At Central Piedmont, he chose to do engineering and plans to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue electrical and computer engineering. He got exposed very young to diverse machines and engines, which sparked his interest in Robotics.

  • Nathalia Ochoa

    From Caracas, Venezuela

    Kristy Otero student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Engineering

    Leaving my country to study here for college was an eye-opening experience. When I first came to Central Piedmont, I was overwhelmed by all the opportunities people are offered in the United States and that some do not take advantage of. As an ambassador, I am encouraged to make students realize all the support that they have at Central Piedmont, and to take advantage of those opportunities myself. I am currently pursuing an Associate in Engineering, and I plan to transfer to a university to get my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have been a musician since I was 5 years old, so during my free time I love playing the violin and piano.

  • Kristy Otero

    From Charlotte, NC

    Kristy Otero student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Arts

    I am extremely passionate about traveling around the world, meeting new people, and learning about different culture and traditions. As a student at Central Piedmont, I have met so many people from all parts of the world and I have had the opportunity to learn more about their culture. Not only have I met amazing students at Central Piedmont, but I also got know my teachers who have challenged me academically and encouraged me to strive inside and outside of the classroom. I will be transferring to a four-year college majoring in international studies. I encourage everyone to get involved not only on campus, but also in their own community.

  • Taylor Tomasko

    From Waterford, MI

    Taylor Tomasko student ambassador portrait

    Program: Associate in Fine Arts

    I am an artist and love to paint and draw. I plan to transfer to UNC Charlotte to get my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Illustration. I love film and am working towards a career in the film industry. I am a part of Central Piedmont's Merancas campus's SGA as a representative. I love volunteering, especially with animals. Being involved in the Central Piedmont community has given me tons of chances to volunteer and make a difference in my community.