Central Piedmont's Truist Honors Program

Students in the Truist Honors Program benefit from opportunities for research, scholarship, innovation, and experiential learning; civic engagement and global learning; leadership development; and reflective thinking.

Honors Program Mission Statement

The honors program seeks to develop excellence in students by providing high quality enrichment experiences that are intellectually challenging and result in deeper learning. The honors program is designed to engage students in meaningful academic, personal, and social development experiences to create independent thinkers and life-long learners through the construction of knowledge. Students will actively participate in course sections aligned with the honors program foundations emphasizing experiential learning, research, civic engagement, global learning, leadership, and reflective thinking. The Honors Program will include a variety of transformational learning experiences for students planning to transfer, earn a degree, or enter the workplace.

The Honors Program is supported through the generosity of Truist Bank.

Honors Program Foundations

  • Experiential Learning

    Truist Honors Scholars will “learn by doing” to construct and apply knowledge through real-world application.

  • Research, Scholarship, and Innovation

    Truist Honors Scholars will develop knowledge, experience, and practice interdisciplinary research to identify problems, improve critical thinking, and draw conclusions based on facts.

  • Civic and Global Engagement

    Truist Honors Scholars will actively engage in local and global issues to affect positive change that results in a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community

  • Leadership Development

    Truist Honors Scholars will gain leadership skills that demonstrate effective collaboration within groups, and the ability to meet goals by establishing a shared vision with diverse individuals.

  • Reflective Thinking

    Truist Honors Scholars will participate in meaningful reflection to display self-awareness, strengths, areas for growth, and a broader understanding of their individual impact on society.

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Applications for spring 2025 will be accepted from August 12-September 13, 2024. Notifications for spring 2025 acceptance will be sent to your Central Piedmont email by September 20, 2024.

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