Summer Bridge Program

Graduating high school seniors, Summer Bridge helps you jump start your college career and get a head start on your college classes the summer after you graduate high school.

With Summer Bridge, enroll and earn up to seven college credit hours at Central Piedmont for six weeks in the summer. This helps you successfully transition from high school to college in a closed, structured, and supervised environment.

Next Summer Bridge Dates

  • Dates

    June 17 - July 26, 2024

    Classes are held Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m.–1:05 p.m.; two additional mandatory activities are held on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. –11:00 a.m. 

    Dates to be announced.

  • Locations

    Cato, Central, Harris, Harper, Levine, and Merancas campuses

Highlights and Benefits

Full scholarships are available if you are selected for the program. Financial advising is also available.

If you enroll at Central Piedmont in the fall, you will continue to receive student support services.

  • Increase your self-confidence.

  • Earn up to seven hours of college credit. These courses and grades are part of your permanent transcript and are the beginning of your college GPA.

    In summer 2024, the following classes will possibly be available: EDU 119, ENG 002AB, MAT 003, ACA 122, CJC 111, COM 231, ENG 111, ENG 112, ENG 111/011, HIS 131, MAT 143, MAT 152, MAT 171, MUS 110, PSY 150, and SOC 210.
    Find course descriptions in the college catalog.

    Please note: Your unweighted high school GPA determines your classes. 

  • Learn what will be expected of you in college.

  • Participate in activities designed to build your academic skills and create a sense of community.

  • Get a head start on college courses or a program at Central Piedmont or so you can transfer to a four-year school in NC.

  • Achieve higher grade point averages.

  • Meet friends and engage in social activities.

  • Tuition, books, and fees are covered. (You are responsible for other costs, like laptops and school supplies).


If you live in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area and will be attending Central Piedmont in the fall, you will get first priority for the Summer Bridge program. However, planning to attend Central Piedmont is not a requirement to be admitted.

We review applicants using a holistic approach that considers academic interests, life experiences, and diverse backgrounds, in addition to academic profiles.

Apply for Summer Bridge

The deadline to apply for Summer Bridge is June 3, 2024. We review applications on a rolling basis and will email you your application decision by late May 2024.

  • Complete the Steps to Apply to Central Piedmont

    First, complete the following three steps from the steps to apply to Central Piedmont:

    - NC residency determination

    - Central Piedmont admissions application

    - Activate Central Piedmont email account 

    - Enroll in DUO 

    - Submit high school transcripts

  • Submit the Summer Bridge Application

    The Summer Bridge application is now open.

After Acceptance/Program Requirements

If admitted to Summer Bridge program:

  • you must complete the acceptance form provided after completing the Summer Bridge application.

  • you and your parent must attend one Summer Bridge welcome session in person at one of our campus locations in May 2024.

  • must complete the acceptance form provided to you from the summer bridge coordinator.

  • must attend one Summer Bridge welcome session (dates coming soon). 

  • make sure your Central Piedmont email is active. That will be the only email we will use to communicate with you moving forward. Keep an eye out on email communication about enrolling in your class(es) as well as a welcome packet.

  • may not miss class or any required activity for things like work or family vacations. You are only allowed one unexcused absences during the program. If you have two absences or more, you will be dismissed from the program

  • Do not register for your classes — Summer Bridge staff will register you.

    You are required to stay enrolled in your courses for the duration of the program.

    We will register you in classes based on your high school GPA, test scores, or college credits that are available by the start of the program. You must have an unweighted 3.0 GPA to attend English or sociology classes at Levine Campus or to take online classes. You can take English, math, and various elective classes at all campuses (except Harris).

    (All your transcripts and placement, AP, and/or IB test scores must be available before May 31 to determine your class enrollment.)