Visiting or Non-Degree Seeking Students

Are you a visiting student from another college or university looking to take courses to transfer back to your home institution? Are you interested in taking a few credit classes as personal enrichment or for job requirements? If either of these are 'you', we're glad you are considering Central Piedmont. We welcome visiting students each year for both reasons, and more.

Central Piedmont is a smart choice with flexible options and convenient locations for visiting students. 

Visiting students are those who are currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another university, but wish to take courses for one term at Central Piedmont. You are a visiting student if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You are taking courses to transfer to your home institution.

  • You do not need course advising, as you are taking courses as a non-degree seeking student.

  • You are taking courses to fulfill requirements for another institution.

Enrolling at Central Piedmont as a Visiting Student

  • The Application

    If you have already completed the application, skip this step. If not, enroll as a visiting student now.

  • Sending Transcripts to Central Piedmont

    It is in your best interest to submit an official transcript to admissions ASAP. Grades of 'C' or higher are accepted and test scores must be viewed. Transfer coursework and placement tests from other four-year schools will not be accepted.

    Step 1: Check to make sure you meet the prerequisite(s) for the Central Piedmont course(s) you want to take.

    Step 2: (Options)

    1. Submit official transcript(s) to Admissions from ALL of your previous colleges to be evaluated, to register for available sections of courses on your registration date (this will help in avoiding the possibility of registration issues), OR
    2. Supply advising with an unofficial transcript following visiting student documentation guidelines (PDF). Previous coursework will be reviewed and an override to register for available sections of the courses you want to take will be provided. This does not guarantee you will not run into registration issues with an override.

    You can do a registration test to check for any registration issues after overrides are issued.

    If you are not using a college transcript, please view other ways to waive the placement test to take Central Piedmont courses that require only developmental courses to be completed/waived. If you have already sent in official transcripts, please add to your email: "Official transcripts already sent and received." Note that you will know they have been received when you receive an email in your student email account regarding the receipt of your transcripts.

  • Talk with an Academic Advisor at Your Nearest Campus

    Contact academic advising at your nearest Central Piedmont campus.

    Online Advising

    If you are unable to come to a Central Piedmont campus, contact online advising.

    Services that Online Advising Cannot Provide Visiting Students 

    Central Piedmont online advising cannot: 

    1. Provide detailed information about which courses will transfer to other institutions, whether Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate. Contact an academic advisor at your own college or university to find out which Central Piedmont courses will transfer back to fulfill your degree requirements. If you are attempting to transfer courses you take at Central Piedmont to a North Carolina four-year college, Transfer Resource Center

    2. Provide semester-by-semester planning or counseling. We are unable to advise on courses to take for programs other than a Central Piedmont degree, diploma, or certificate program.

    3. Verify receipt of transcripts or forms by campus offices. When your transcript is received, you will receive an email  notification in your student email account.

    4. Discuss any inquiries or issues regarding financial aid inquiries or contacting financial aid. Please visit Financial Aid for financial aid information.

    5. Verify receipt of financial aid documents or discuss scholarship information. Please visit Financial Aid for financial aid information.

    6. Provide specialized counseling for visiting students, students with disabilities, transfer students, or students requiring mental health counseling. You may email Counseling Services at You may contact Disability Services.

    7. Assist with or verify residency information. Review residency determination information. 

    8. Assist with a request if a course is full. There are no waitlists for any of our courses. You are welcome to check payment dates (visit Tuition and Fees) to see if any sections open up.  You are also welcome to contact the instructor of the course to see if they will allow you in. View eDirectory for instructor contact information.

    9. Discuss grade changes, assignments, or any other class-related issues/inquiries. Please refer to course catalog policies and procedures.

    10. Assist with what courses are available. Please log into your MyCollege account to view up-to-date information course offerings.

    Contacting Online Advising About Registration

    To receive an override to register for an available section of the Central Piedmont course(s) you wish to take, please provide only the Central Piedmont course(s) (e.g. ENG 111) you are attempting to register for. Please use your Central Piedmont email account and include all of the following information requested to avoid any delays in sending and receiving communication. Please complete this form and include the following information in your inquiry.

    1. Subject Line: Visiting Student

    2. Body of email should include the following:

    • 7-digit student ID Number (can be found in your MyCollege account in 'My Educational Plan' under 'Academic Profile')
    • ALL Central Piedmont courses (e.g. ENG 111) for which you are attempting to register
    • attach to the email unofficial transcript(s) of (college transcript, score reports, etc.) showing prerequisites or applicable scores, following documentation guidelines (PDF) and/or placement test waiver guidelines (if you are not using official transcripts)
    • term you are planning to take course(s): fall, spring, or summer
    • any questions you have (refer back to the "Services that Online Advising Cannot Provide Visiting Students" section previously mentioned on this page to make sure your inquiries are not addressed there)
  • What's Next?

    After enrolling, you will receive a reply email within 48 business with the following information:

    • how to register
    • when to register
    • information on books, paying for courses, getting a parking decal, getting a student ID, and more

    Please make sure to thoroughly and carefully read the form you receive for all the information you need, including contact information for appropriate areas.