Fall Registration

Learn when classes start, when you can register, and how to register for the fall semester. Keep reading to learn more.

Fall and Winter 2024

After priority and open registration end for a semester, you can still register for courses in sessions within that semester that have not started yet. The last day you can register for a term or session is the day before that session starts. You can still register and pay for classes online during times when the college is closed.

To find out when each session begins and ends, refer to the Fall and Winter 2024 semester dates.

Term(s) Open Registration Ends Class Start Date Schedule Adjustment (Drop-Add) Period
Full term, first 8-week, and first 4-week sessions Sun., Aug. 11 Mon., Aug. 12 Mon., Aug. 12–Tue., Aug. 13
12-week and second 4-week sessions Sun., Sept. 8 Mon., Sept. 9 Mon., Sept. 9–Tue., Sept. 10
Second 8-week session and third 4-week session Sun., Oct. 13 Mon., Oct. 14 Mon., Oct. 14–Tues., Oct. 15
Fourth 4-week session Sun., Nov. 10 Mon., Nov. 11 Mon., Nov. 11–Tues., Nov. 12
Winter session Sun., Dec. 8 Mon., Dec. 9 Mon., Dec. 9-Tues., Dec. 10

2024 Fall Semester and Winter Session Dates

Term Dates
Full semester Mon., Aug. 12–Tues., Dec. 10
First 8-week session Mon., Aug. 12–Fri., Oct. 4
First 4-week session Mon., Aug. 12–Fri., Sept. 6
12-week session Mon., Sept. 9–Tues., Dec. 10
Second 4-week session Mon., Sept. 9–Fri., Oct. 4
Second 8-week session Mon., Oct. 14– Tues., Dec. 10
Third 4-week session Mon., Oct. 14–Fri., Nov. 8
Fourth 4-week session Mon., Nov. 11–Fri., Dec. 6
Winter session Mon., Dec. 9, 2024–Thurs., Jan. 5, 2025

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