Business Insurance Management

Central Piedmont maintains a comprehensive program of business insurance to address a variety of exposures. Enterprise Risk Management serves as the primary liaison with brokers and underwriters to ensure that appropriate insurance coverages are obtained and renewed when required.

Our business insurance program includes:

  • Automobile Insurance (college-owned vehicles)
  • Builders' Risk
  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • Property Insurance
  • Fine Art Coverages
  • Workers' Compensation

Enterprise Risk Management also provides management and resolution of insurance claims. In the event of an incident, please follow the appropriate Claims and Incident Reporting process.

Insurance Guidelines When Purchasing Goods or Services

Insurance is a means to ensure that a vendor/contractor providing goods or services to Central Piedmont has the resources to meet its obligations under any agreement between Central Piedmont and the vendor/contractor.

Email all contracts/agreements between Central Piedmont and vendors to a buyer in Procurement and send a copy to Enterprise Risk Management for review and approval before signing the the contract/agreement. Procurement will review the contract/agreement to ensure compliance with the required NC terms and conditions, and Enterprise Risk Management will review the contract/agreement to ensure all risks and liabilities are identified and managed.

Insurance Guidelines for Campus Activities, Events, and Entertainment

Because there is the potential for risk in all activities, either to property or life safety, assessing and appropriately addressing these exposures before the event may help reduce the risk to the college. Please keep in mind these two key elements:

  1. Use of an insurance compliant vendors is critical.
  2. Contracts determine who will pay the costs associated with a loss. It is important to be sure the contract assigns financial responsibility to the appropriate party before you sign.

Contact Enterprise Risk Management at with any questions.