Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance (COI) is a document that provides reliable source of information or proof of insurance. The certificate provides verification of the insurance and usually contains information on types and limits of coverage, insurance company, policy number, named insured, and the policies’ effective periods.

It is important to note that a certificate of insurance is only evidence of insurance coverage in effect at the time of issuance of the certificate; it is not an insurance policy nor does it convey any rights to the certificate holder. To submit your Certificate of Insurance, email Enterprise Risk Management

        COI Requirements and Requests

        • Documents for Reference

        • Why are certificates requested?

          Certificates are usually requested by opposite parties in an agreement, contract, or transaction to make certain the other party has the appropriate insurance coverage.

        • Why is a COI important?

          Certificates of insurance are crucial to the transacting of business and are used in a multitude of situations. The insurance clause is inserted into commercial contracts of various forms because Central Piedmont Community College (contracting party) wants to transfer the financial consequences of one or more of the risks that may arise from the performance of the contract to the insurer of the entity that Central Piedmont Community College is doing business with.

        • Certificate of Insurance Requirements

          1. Central Piedmont Community College must be added as an Additional Insured as it pertains to the work done/service provided and/or product delivered to the college.

          a. Central Piedmont Community College (Attach Additional Insured Endorsement evidencing coverage of Ongoing Operations and Completed Operations for the additional insured)

          • Coverage must be primary and non-contributory above any other insurance Central Piedmont Community College may carry.
          • Waiver of Subrogation on all policies in favor of Central Piedmont Community College.
          • Make subcontractor’s insurance primary.

          2. The Certificate Holder must be:

          Central Piedmont Community College
          Attn: Enterprise Risk Management
          PO Box 35009
          Charlotte, NC 28235

          3. Central Piedmont requires a COI which shows General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Automobile Liability and Umbrella Liability coverages. (The minimum coverages accepted are listed for each.)

          a. Enterprise Risk Management may opt to waive the requirements for Automobile Liability or the Workers’ Compensation — depending on the scope and scale of the job or event.

          b. Enterprise Risk Management may opt to waive the requirements for Umbrella Liability in addition to the GL—depending on the GL coverage as well as the scope and scale of the job or event.

          4.  Additional insurance and/or coverages may be requested based on the services provided to the college.

          Vendors Providing Services

          • If a service is being rendered, Enterprise Risk Management will need to see proof of Professional Liability.
          • If the service being rendered involves waste removal of any kind, Enterprise Risk Management needs to see Pollution Liability as well as Transportation Liability.
          • If any products and/or services related to information technology (including hardware and/or software) are provided to Central Piedmont Community College, Cyber Liability will be required. Additionally, network security liability arising from the unauthorized access to, use of, or tampering with computer systems, including hacker attacks or inability of an authorized third party to gain access to your services, including denial of service, unless caused by a mechanical or electrical failure.

          Vendors Providing Catering Services

          • In addition to showing proof of General Liability, please provide proof of Liquor Liability insurance coverage.
          • Due to the fact that a service is being rendered, please provide proof of Professional Liability.
        • Certificate of Insurance Requests

          Enterprise Risk Management is able to respond to such requests and can provide evidence of the college’s insurance coverage in the form of a certificate of insurance. Email Enterprise Risk Management

          Outbound Certificates of Insurance

          Outside parties frequently ask Central Piedmont Community College to confirm various types and levels of insurance in connection with business agreements by requesting certificates of insurance. Please contact Keisha Campbell or Wanda Gray to request a COI.

          Inbound Certificates of Insurance

          Every contract and agreement has risks that must be reviewed from the perspective of protecting Central Piedmont from financial loss. Therefore, Central Piedmont Community College has established insurance requirements as they relate to contracts.

          Please submit COIs to Enterprise Risk Management prior to signing contracts and agreements and prior to commencement of services.

          List of COI's Received

          Enterprise Risk Management currently maintains an updated list of all vendors who have submitted COI's to Central Piedmont Community College. To verify that a COI is on file, email Enterprise Risk Management