Claims and Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting Processes

Contact Central Piedmont Security Services to report an incident including injury, accident, and damage or destruction of Central Piedmont equipment, buildings, or assets. Communication connected with a claim is centralized in the office of Enterprise Risk Management (if not a Workers’ Compensation claim).

Automobile Liability

All college-owned and leased vehicles are covered by a commercial automobile policy that provides liability protection for Central Piedmont employee drivers while operating these vehicles and provides property damage coverage. Please contact Enterprise Risk Management.

General Liability

General Liability protects against claims occurring on Central Piedmont's premises.  Please contact Enterprise Risk Management after notifying Security Services.

Professional Liability

Central Piedmont provides Medical Professional Liability protections to faculty and students in protected categories of clinical studies; i.e., EMT, nursing and dental.  For more information, email Enterprise Risk Management.

Exposure/Non-Exposure Occurrences

In the event that a Central Piedmont student experiences an exposure occurrence (exposure to blood or body fluids based on professional judgment) while engaged in requirements for laboratory and/or clinical practice, refer to the Guidelines for Exposure Occurrence maintained by Environmental Health and Safety.

Property Liability

Central Piedmont Property

Property losses are those losses arising from damage or destruction of Central Piedmont equipment, buildings, or assets. Department personnel must take appropriate steps to protect partially damaged property or equipment from further damage. Department personnel are responsible for providing documentation required by the claims adjuster to establish the extent of any loss or claim.

Property of Faculty, Staff, Students, and Third Parties

Central Piedmont is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property of its employees, students, visitors, or agents. Individuals are responsible for insuring their own property.

Student Accident Insurance

The 2018-2019 Student Accident Insurance plan is offered through ACE and is available to students enrolled in specific, high-risk classes. The plan insures students against loss resulting from accidental bodily injury sustained while participating in or attending specific classes. Student Accident Insurance is required for specific classes and is paid for at the time of registration. (Students will be notified at time of registration if class requires Student Accident Insurance.)  The policy also reviews incidents such as needle sticks and sharp injuries. For more information, email Enterprise Risk Management.

Workers’ Compensation

In the event of a work-related illness or injury both the employee and the supervisor have a responsibility to assure that complete and accurate information is conveyed to Central Piedmont Human Resources. When a work-related injury or occupational illness occurs, it should be reported to the supervisor immediately. The Human Resources benefits coordinator is responsible for employee (workers’ compensation) claims.

How to File a Claim