SACSCOC On-Site Visit

Learn More about the Reaffirmation Process

The institutional reaffirmation process is multi-faceted. Check out this video to learn more.


The following table highlights the key events in this peer-led process.

Date Event
August 24-25, 2022 SACSCOC VP Advisory Visit
March 1, 2023 Compliance Certification
April 25-27, 2023 Preliminary Report Completed by Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee
September 11, 2023 (six weeks before the on-site visit) QEP and Focused Report Due
October 23-26, 2023 On-Site Reaffirmation Visit
June 10-13, 2024 SACSCOC Board of Trustees Decision

On-Site Reaffirmation Committee

The Focused Report provides the foundation for the On-Site Reaffirmation Committee’s subsequent review of standards for which compliance has not yet been documented.

The On-Site Reaffirmation Committee is expected to:

  • examine and evaluate, as appropriate, the institution’s mission, policies, procedures, programs, resources, and services and other activities as they support compliance with these remaining standards 
  • review specific standards as referenced in federal regulation and associated with the U.S. Department of Education recognition of accreditors
  • evaluate the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) and provide consultation regarding the issues addressed in the QEP
  • visit a sample of off-campus instructional sites approved to offer 50% or more of a program
  • review distance education

The On-Site Reaffirmation Committee includes the chair, and evaluators in areas of organization and governance, academic administration, faculty, student support or library services, institutional effectiveness, and the Quality Enhancement Plan. None of the committee members may be from institutions in the same states as the main campus of the institution being visited. A SACSCOC Vice President accompanies the committee.

General On-Site Visit Schedule

Date Event
Monday, October 23 Peer reviewers arrive; visit sample of campuses; discussion groups
Tuesday, October 24 Campus welcome; QEP presentation; discussion groups
Wednesday, October 25 Discussion groups
Thursday, October 26 Exit interview; peer reviewers depart


Most events will take place on the Central Campus in the Parr Center, Hall Building, or the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence rooms in the Overcash Building.