History, Humanities, Philosophy, and Religion Courses

Central Piedmont offers a variety of history, humanities, philosophy, and religion courses for general education, core, and elective credit. While no history, humanities, philosophy, or religion degrees are currently offered, these courses meet the needs and interests of students working towards a degree, diploma, or certificate, those who plan to transfer to four-year institutions, visiting students who wish to transfer credit back to their home institution, and others who are just interested in these subjects.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of Central Piedmont history, humanities, philosophy, or religion courses, you will:

  • learn to write clearly and coherently in order to be prepared for both the workplace and the conduct of your personal life
  • gain experience in literature and the humanities in order to recognize and appreciate the aesthetic dimensions of their lives

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Why Choose Central Piedmont

We offer all students a real-world, hands-on, well-rounded education in order to provide the foundational skills and knowledge you need to succeed in any career. Our history department also supports the college and the local community through initiatives such as the "Trail of History" television series on WTVI PBS Charlotte and the Sensoria Festival. You will have the opportunity to participate in student clubs and organizations, such as the Central Piedmont Historical Association.

Save money by taking history, humanities, philosophy, or religion courses at Central Piedmont. Learn how much it costs to attend Central Piedmont. Financial aid and scholarships are available.

Real World Education

At Central Piedmont, your education goes beyond what you learn in class. We offer numerous opportunities for you to enhance your learning — and to make friends, network, and pursue your passions — through clubs and organizations, sports, events and activities, leadership opportunities, job experience, volunteer experiences, visual and performing arts, and even international experiences.

Students are always my main inspiration. If I am not reaching them in some way, I see it as something I'm missing. Everything I do is for the interest of the student. It's why I chose the profession. Dr. Chris Brawley, Professor, Religion Read Dr. Brawley's story

What We Offer

  • Available Courses, Locations, and Delivery Methods

    For a listing and descriptions of history, humanities, philosophy, or religion courses at Central Piedmont, visit the college catalog.

    To meet the needs of our diverse student population, we offer some courses online. Course offerings and availability can change each semester. Confirm where and how (in-person, online, or combined) courses are available each semester.

    The history department offers history tutoring at the History Student Success Center.

    Visiting Students

    If you wish to transfer history, humanities, philosophy, or religion course credit back to your home institution, explore how to enroll at Central Piedmont as a visiting student.

    Corporate and Continuing Education

    Central Piedmont's Corporate and Continuing Education provides non-credit, non-degree courses and programs, including job skills, industry-focused career training, certificates, certifications, professional licensure, and personal enrichment. Day, evening, weekend, and online opportunities are available.

    College and Career Readiness

    If you are looking for programs to gain the knowledge or skills necessary to finish a high school degree or to get a job, visit Central Piedmont's College and Career Readiness.

    College Credit for High School Students

    Visit Career & College Promise to learn about opportunities for high school students to earn college credit at Central Piedmont.

  • Explore Careers

    Taking history, humanities, philosophy, and religion courses at Central Piedmont can give you the knowledge and foundation you need to succeed in a variety of careers. Visit Career Coach for detailed career opportunities, salary information, and job openings.