Academic Support

The Ruth G. Shaw, Center for Academic Success & Excellence (ASC) is dedicated to ensuring unparalleled student success. As an esteemed extension of our Library services, our distinguished domain grants Central Piedmont students enrolled in math, science, and writing curriculum courses, with invaluable academic support. Our unwavering mission lies in empowering students, equipping them with the academic support needed to conquer coursework obstacles, foster independent learning, and forge crucial skills essential not only in academic work but learning that lasts a lifetime.

Visit Brightspace and select "ASC Academic Support" (located under Student Resources) to sign up for an appointment today. We look forward to serving you.

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Get Ready for your Tutoring Session

  • What to Bring

    • assignment instructions
    • textbook(s)
    • study guides
    • notes
  • Keep in Mind

    • Tutoring is not a substitute for class - you are not allowed to receive tutoring at the same time your class is in session.  
    • Tutors will not discuss instructors, grades, or grading policies with you, nor will act as mediators between you and instructors. 
    • Tutors are not instructors; they help you learn skills and clarify concepts.
  • Preparing for Success

    • Plan ahead.
    • Do not wait until the night before to or the day of to study for a test, quiz, or assignment. 
    • Meet with a tutor at least once a week. 
    • Bring important information relevant to the course to your tutoring session. 
    • Know your assignment. 
    • It is encouraged that you have some working knowledge of the subject matter. 
    • Ask specific questions and play an active role during your tutoring session.

Learning Resources

The Library offers a wealth of resources, study spaces, and services to help students achieve success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get tutoring if I am only taking one class?

Is tutoring free?
Yes. Many types of students, including those enrolled in Career & College Promise, cooperative learning, and ESL, are eligible for tutoring.

Can I get tutoring if I go to a different college or university? 
You must be enrolled as a student at Central Piedmont to sign up for tutoring.