Construction and Welding (Non-Credit)

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Begin or advance your career in the construction or sustainability industry at Central Piedmont. The college offers flexible, hands-on training, instruction, and exam prep for professional licensure through the Crowder Construction Institute. 

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Looking for course descriptions and cost information? Review the following Corporate and Continuing Education course catalog, or keep reading for course listings on this page. 

Fall Corporate and Continuing Education Course Catalog

Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology


  • Course Listings

    • CIX-7000 Introduction to Carpentry
    • CIX-7040 Carpentry I
    • CIX-7006 Carpentry II 
    • CIX-7503 Carpentry Core Skills
    • CAB-8301 Introduction to Furniture and Cabinet Making
    • CIX-7504 Drywall, Doors, Trim, and Finishing

Electrical Contractor's Exam Review

General Contractor’s License Exam Prep

  • Course Listings

    • CAR-7130 Residential Contractor's Exam Review
    • CAR-7131 Commercial Contractor's Exam Review

Licensing and Code Qualification

  • Course Listings

    • BPR-7004 Blueprint Reading and Estimating, Plus Home Methods
    • CAR-7101 Home Construction Methods and Details
    • CIX-8013 Professional Home Inspector's Training



  • Courses Available

    • PLU-7015 Backflow Assembly Tester Certification
    • PLU-7016 Backflow Prevention Assembly and Tester Recertification
    • PLU-8000 Residential/Commercial Plumbing CORE
    • PLU-8001 Residential/Commercial Plumbing Level 1


  • Courses Available

    • WLX-7121 AWS Welding Certification — Single Position Plate
    • WLX-7122 AWS Welding Certification — Multiple Position Plate
    • WLX-7123 AWS Welding Certification — Pipe Test
    • WLX- 7055 Introduction to Blacksmithing 

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