Guaranteed Admission to Transfer to NC Schools

Through Central Piedmont direct-admit (guaranteed admission) programs with multiple North Carolina four-year institutions, you can transition seamlessly to your desired transfer college or university after you graduate from Central Piedmont. If you enroll in one of these direct admissions programs, you are guaranteed to be accepted at that school once you finish an eligible Central Piedmont associate degree.

The following programs are direct-admit (guaranteed admission) program partnerships with North Carolina system universities. If you know you want to go on to earn a bachelor's or higher degree after you get your associate degree, one of these guaranteed admission programs is for you. These transfer partnerships take the stress and guess-work out of the transfer admissions process when you transfer from Central Piedmont to the partner school.

Each guaranteed admission program also offers various forms of advising, admissions, and transfer support. By participating in these programs, you will get a head start in connecting with students and staff from your intended transfer institution. These programs are designed to guide you through the process of completing your associate degree while also staying on track for transferring and completing your bachelor’s degree. As a Central Piedmont graduate, you can be guaranteed admission to various colleges and universities when you meet the agreement requirements between Central Piedmont and that university. Some programs may be more selective or have higher requirements than others. Save thousands in tuition costs by starting at Central Piedmont. Let us help put you on the right path toward a successful career!

How Your Central Piedmont Credits Transfer to a Public University or College in NC

The NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement means that, if you get an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science at Central Piedmont (and meet all the other eligibility requirements), you will be guaranteed admission to attend one of the UNC universities. Depending on the requirements of the major you want to do, you may need to take more courses at the school after you transfer. Visit the website of your school of interest for transfer pathways by major, course and program lists, transfer requirements, and to learn what credits you'll get for your Central Piedmont classes. (Central Piedmont may not offer every course listed on schools' transfer worksheets).

Public NC schools transfer information