Enrolling as a Minor

Minor Petition for Release Process

Please note that some school districts require a waiting period before a prospective minor student can enroll into an alternative adult education program at Central Piedmont.

Prospective minor students and their parent or legal guardian must attend a Minor Student Orientation to begin the petition process for enrollment into an adult alternative education program at Central Piedmont. ​​​​​

How do Minors Register to take the Pearson Vue GED®  or HiSET® tests?

Minors may choose not to enroll in College and Career Readiness classes or programs and instead take the Pearson Vue, GED® , or HiSET®  tests to obtain their High School Equivalency diploma. Both the Pearson Vue, GED® , and HiSET®  testing services place a temporary block preventing minors from registering online to take these tests. To lift that block, applicants must follow the following steps:

Can ESL or Immigrant Minors Register for College and Career Readiness Classes?

Prospective minor students interested in the College and Career Readiness English as a Second Language classes and programs who are not in the country under an F-1 visa may schedule a Minor Student OrientationProspective minor students with F-1 visas are not permitted to enroll in College and Career Readiness classes or programs.

ESL or Immigrant Minors with a High School Diploma from a Foreign Country

  • ESL or immigrant minors who have graduated from high school in a foreign country should attempt to obtain their official high school transcripts.
  • The ESL or immigrant minor will need to get their transcript translated and evaluated.
  • The ESL or immigrant minor must take their translated and evaluated transcripts to a Central Piedmont records office.