Enroll as a Minor

Minors are students who are 16 or 17 years old.

Petition to Enroll

Some school districts require that you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can enroll in a Central Piedmont College and Career Readiness program. To start your petition to enroll in one of your programs, you and your parent or legal guardian must contact First Year Experience.

Take the Pearson Vue GED® or HiSET® Tests as a Minor

You may choose not to enroll in College and Career Readiness classes or programs. Instead, you could take the Pearson Vue, GED® or HiSET® tests to obtain your High School Equivalency diploma. However, the Pearson Vue, GED®, and HiSET® testing services place a temporary block preventing minors from registering online to take these tests. To lift that block, email First Year Experience to request to have the block removed.

ESL or Immigrant Students

If you are interested in the College and Career Readiness English as a Second Language classes and programs and you are not in the country under an F-1 visa, contact First Year Experience. Prospective students with F-1 visas cannot enroll in College and Career Readiness classes or programs.

If You Have a High School Diploma from a Foreign Country