JCSU Connect Johnson C. Smith University Transfer Program

As a JCSU Connect student, you will be guaranteed admission to transfer to Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) in Charlotte to complete a bachelor’s degree after you complete your Central Piedmont associate degree.

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  • guaranteed acceptance to Johnson C. Smith when you finish your Central Piedmont degree (provided you continue to meet the JCSU Connect eligibility requirements)

  • finish your degree on time

  • individualized admissions and financial aid counseling

  • collaborative academic advising and career exploration

  • be considered for an $8,000 renewable scholarship for two years at Johnson C. Smith

  • in addition to the services you will receive at Central Piedmont, you'll be able to take advantage of the student services at Johnson C. Smith, such as the university’s libraries and other facilities, faculty, and advising

  • once you transfer to Johnson C. Smith from Central Piedmont, you will be placed in an on-campus paid internship at Johnson C. Smith that relates to your major

  • in your final year at Johnson C. Smith, you will get the opportunity to participate in another paid internship opportunity or in an academic research program

  • Transfer Seamlessly

    If you want to major in psychology at Johnson C. Smith, you will follow a detailed pathway that starts in your first term at Central Piedmont and seamlessly transfers the credit you earn to your bachelors degree. Additional pathways will be announced in upcoming semesters.

Apply for JCSU Connect

You can apply for fall or spring terms.

  • Apply to Central Piedmont

    Complete the steps to apply to Central Piedmont as a degree-seeking student. Let your academic advisor know you are interested in the JCSU Connect program.

  • Apply for JCSU Connect

    Complete the JCSU Connect application.

    Once you apply, admissions staff will email you your next steps.


Talk to Johnson C. Smith University About Transferring

Check when Johnson C. Smith University is coming to a Central Piedmont campus near you so you can talk to representatives about how to transfer to JCSU.

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