Institutional Research

Central Piedmont's Institutional Research office provides non-biased, timely and accurate information to college leadership and stakeholders.

Institutional Research is guided by the following core principles:

  • Data accuracy and integrity: ethical use of data as set forth in the AIR Statement of Ethical Principles

  • Protection of privacy and confidentiality: awareness of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), FERPA requirements, and other appropriate release of protected/sensitive data

  • Impartiality: non-biased, objective

  • Collaborative: partnering with colleagues to understand their goals and best meet their information needs

Data provided by the Office of Planning and Research is reported in the aggregate. Our office does not provide record-level data. 


  • Data Literacy

    The Office of Planning and Research is collaborating with Organizational Learning and Leadership Development to provide data literacy training to the Central Piedmont community. The training will be a three-part series, beginning with foundational elements of data literacy and progressing to more advanced concepts. Each training series represents a building block in gaining the skills to read data, work with and explore data, and communicate about data.

    Module 1 preview: Data Literacy I: Getting Started


  • Data Request Form

    Submit a Planning and Research request form for the following:

    • Data requests and/or specialized reports to be used to help inform college decision-making and planning. Data requests require a minimum of 10 business days to process. Complex data requests may take longer.

    • Survey requests (survey design, administration, and reporting)

    • Focus Group facilitation

    • Labor Market Analytics

    • SWOT analysis

    Once you submit the Planning and Research request form, you will receive a confirmation email with an ID number. Reference the ID number for any questions concerning your request.

    This form is not intended for data or survey requests related to dissertation research. For research studies, follow the guidelines under "Research Approval Process."

    The Office of Planning and Research reports data in the aggregate. Our office does not provide student-level or record-level data.

  • Research Approval Process and Forms

    Research on human subjects at Central Piedmont Community College is guided by national Institutional Review Board (IRB) practices. Requestors must submit an application for research approval, as outlined below. This process is designed to ensure that requestors are able to conduct research that meets their academic goals while safeguarding the well-being of the people who participate in their work.


    1. Develop research topic, questions, and methods with research chair/committee.
    2. Consider potential conflicts of interest and/or rational for deception (if used), develop consent forms (if used).
    3. Research chair must complete committee chair signature form for submission with research approval application.
    4. Complete the Central Piedmont research approval application, using ancillary materials for additional information on potential conflicts of interest, definitions of key terms, and research data available from Central Piedmont.
    5. Submit the Central Piedmont research approval application and all required documentation, including consent forms and research instruments, to the Office of Planning and Research.
    6. Research approval applications received before the third Friday of each month will be considered at the next research approval meeting.
    7. Once the research approval application receives the final approval from the committee, the application will be submitted for approval to the Vice President(s) of the relevant area(s) within the college.
    8. After the research approval application has received final approval from the committee and the relevant Vice President(s), the data retrieval process will begin (if data is required for the study).

    In most cases, data will be available for the researcher within one month from the beginning of the data retrieval process. The researcher will be notified if data retrieval will take longer than one month.

    Forms for Research Approval Request

    Ancillary Materials

    Application Package Submission

    Email the Office of Planning and Research to request research approval. Include the Central Piedmont research approval application, committee chair signature form, and all other documents as applicable (consent forms and research instruments).