Data and Information

The Office of Planning and Research publishes dashboards to enable data-driven insights that advance student success at Central Piedmont.

The following dashboards include current and trend data on the demographic and enrollment characteristics of Central Piedmont’s student body, and other key measures. To learn more about interpreting and communicating data, review the Data Literacy training series

The Office of Planning and Research is continuing to develop and expand dashboards. To request information not included in these dashboards or from external resources, submit a Planning & Research Request form

Enrollment Dashboards

Enrollment dashboards are organized by the scope in which the data is being analyzed. Review Information and Metrics details for information about the scope and use of each enrollment dashboard.

Enrollment: Five-Year Trend

  • College-wide unduplicated headcount separated by academic level across five reporting periods. Academic levels: Basic Skills, Continuing Education, and Curriculum. 

Enrollment Demographics - Disaggregated by Academic Level

  • Unduplicated headcount for each academic level by binary gender, race/ethnicity, and by age range.  

Unduplicated Headcount by Location - Disaggregated by Academic Level

  • Unduplicated headcount by campus and by zip code