Current Awards

All award amounts together total $8,377,752.


  • NC STEM Alliance

    Led by Central Piedmont, a collaborative effort between Central Piedmont, Guilford Technical CC, and Forsyth Technical CC to develop and implement evidenced-based academic and student support activities, increasing the percentage of underrepresented minority students that transfer and complete STEM degrees.

    • funding agency: National Science Foundation
    • award amount: $1,500,000
  • Anti-Counterfeit Printing and Packaging Technology

    Course development and adaptation to a new technician certificate program offered at the two year college as well as a continuing education course for incumbent workers, faculty professional development, and cultivation of business and industry partnerships.

    • funding agency: National Science Foundation
    • award amount: $199,902
  • Supply Chain Automation

    To increase the number of highly trained Supply Chain Automation Technicians to meet the growing national need.

    • funding agency: National Science Foundation
    • award amount: $70,000
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Career Partnership

    Partnership focused on making our regional secondary-postsecondary education system more responsive to shifting workforce needs with a focus on industry alignment and equity.

    • funding agency: NC Works Commissions Innovation Fund
    • award amount: $100,000
  • Transforming Youth Recovery

    Increasing the capacity for community colleges to provide students in recovery the support and skills necessary to help them successfully obtain, transition to, or reclaim desired life and academic pursuits.

    • funding agency: Transforming Youth Recovery
    • award amount: $10,000
  • Preparing Addictions Counselors of Tomorrow – PACT Scholars Program

    Scholarship and student support which prepares eligible students in the program for careers in the addictions counseling field and assist them in the process of state credentialing toward becoming a certified or licensed substance abuse counselor.

    • funding agency: Mecklenburg County ABC Board
    • award amount: $155,595
  • Refugee Education Services

    Support for refugees residing in Mecklenburg County including comprehensive educational assessment and orientation, English language instruction, and vocational training.

    • funding agency: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services via NC Division of Health and Human Services
    • award amount: $139,000
  • Rise2Work Food and Nutrition Services Employment and Training Program

    Scholarships and staffing support to assist participants in accessing college resources to boost their career possibilities and family’s financial well-being.

    • funding agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture via North Carolina Community College System
    • award amount: $121,428
  • Early Childhood Teacher Education

    Specialized, online, and contextualized developmental courses and a summer institute to assist and accelerate the education of early childhood educators.

    • funding agency: Smart Start Mecklenburg Partnership for Children
    • award amount: $143,962
  • Healthy Futures Starting in the Kitchen

    Nutrition-related training and networking opportunities directed to childcare providers and nutrition staff of child care centers that serve preschool children.

    • funding agency: Smart Start Mecklenburg Partnership for Children
    • award amount: $56,875
  • Clinical Site Development

    Clinical practice learning experience for nursing students at the Atrium Behavioral Health Center - Charlotte.

    • funding agency: NC Area Health Education Center
    • award amount: $10,000
  • NC Works NextGen Work and Learn

    Preparation for at-risk youth, aged 16–24, for academic and employment success, by providing participants with support in completing a high school diploma and enrolling in a career pathway.

    • funding agency: U.S. Department of Labor via Charlotte Works
    • award amount: $799,988
  • Interprofessional Approach to Treating Dental Hygiene Patients with Diabetes

    Non-surgical periodontal therapy, oral hygiene and diabetes counseling program for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes who will be served at the Central Piedmont Dental Hygiene Clinic.

    • funding agency: Delta Dental Foundation
    • award amount: $5,000
  • Minority Male Success Initiative

    Aligns student success programs and services that strengthen student outcomes for all minority males enrolled at Central Piedmont.

    • funding agency: North Carolina Community College System
    • award amount: $17,234
  • Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA)

    Supports low-income students and students with literacy needs, creating a seamless transition to post-secondary education or training, and employment.

    • funding agency: U.S. Dept. of Education via NCCCS (Title II)
    • award amount: $3,852,954
  • Career and College Ready Graduate Alignment Partnership

    Funding for supplies, travel, professional development, faculty salaries, and/or to purchase the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC)

    • funding agency: North Carolina Community College System
    • award amount: $4,000
  • Perkins Career & Technical Education

    Funds to improve modernize and enhance the career and technical education experience for currently enrolled students (Merancas Campus, Health Sciences, and STEM divisions).

    • funding agency: U.S. Department of ED via NCCCS (Perkins)
    • award amount: $621,595
  • SECU Bridge to Career Cohort Pilot Program

    Provides scholarships to continuing education students enrolled in a short-term training program that leads to a state recognized or industry supported credential.

    • funding agency: State Employee Credit Union via NCCCS
    • award amount: $18,000
  • Finish Line Emergency Funds

    Support for financial emergencies that students may face, including course materials, housing, medical needs, dependent care, or other.

    • funding agency: U.S. Department of Labor via NC Governor’s Office
    • award amount: $30,985
  • NETLAB Expansion Project

    Modernization and enhancement of the college’s NETLAB, increasing Central Piedmont’s ability to provide the most up to date, industry relevant cybersecurity education and produce highly skilled cybersecurity technicians.

    • funding agency: U.S. Department of Education FIPSE - Cybersecurity
    • award amount: $94,266
  • TRIO Student Support Services

    The support services to increase the retention and graduation rates of participants, and facilitate the transfer from a two-year institution to a four-year institution.

    • funding agency: U.S. Dept. of Education (Additional Funds)
    • award amount: $291,503
  • BEprep

    Funds to recruit seven students to complete the Construction Specifications Institute - Construction Documents Technology (CSI CDT) credentialing exam; exam fees will be covered by Sinclair Community College/National Science Foundation.

    • funding agencies: 

      • National Science Foundation
      • Sinclair Community College
    • award amount: $3,465
  • Gene Haas Scholarship

    Student scholarships and NIMS certifications/accreditations for the college’s Machining program.

    • funding agency: Gene Haas Foundation
    • award amount: $20,000
  • Ultimate Collision Education Makeover Grant

    Enhancement of the Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology program providing students access to the latest technology and the skills and knowledge needed to meet the demand of the collision repair industry.

    • funding agency: Collision Repair Foundation
    • award amount: $12,000
  • Metallica Scholars Initiative

    Promotes career and technical education programs and provide direct support for students in need of financial assistance to continue or complete their allied health programs and become licensed healthcare professionals in high-demand health careers.

    • funding agencies: 

      • The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)
      • All Within My Hands Foundation (AWMH)
    • award amount: $100,000
  • UNC Charlotte’s Center for the Study of the New South

    Partnership to promote and celebrate Literature and the Arts.

    • funding agency: NC Humanities Council
    • award amount: –