Strengthening Teachers, Reaching Individuals, Valuing Everyone (STRIVE) Scholarship in Early Childhood Education

Are you interested in or a current student in the Central Piedmont Associate in Applied Science in early childhood education? The Strengthening Teachers, Reaching Individuals, Valuing Everyone (STRIVE) early childhood education scholarship can help.

STRIVE is a North Carolina scholarship for early childhood education students provided in partnership with the Foundation for the Carolinas and Mecklenburg County. The STRIVE scholarship can help you earn your degree to become a child care worker, preschool teacher, or pre-K teacher in North Carolina. The scholarship is increasing and improving the early childhood education workforce, helping recruit great people for child development jobs, particularly in the county's public pre-K classrooms.

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What the Early Childhood Education Scholarship Covers

The STRIVE early childhood education scholarship can help cover the cost of:

  • tuition

  • fees

  • books and supplies

  • technology you need for your coursework

Other Benefits

As a STRIVE scholar, you also get:

  • comprehensive student support services (academic advising, mentoring, professional development opportunities)

  • need-based resources (help with things like transportation and childcare)

  • qualified to serve as an assistant teacher in public pre-K classrooms when you finish your Central Piedmont program

  • ready to transfer to bachelor's degree program in birth-Kindergarten licensure (A bachelor's degree is required for Mecklenburg pre-K lead teacher positions.)

Eligibility and Requirements

For consideration to get and/or keep the STRIVE scholarship, you need to:

  • have completed 12 hours of general education or required program credits toward the Associate in Applied Science in early childhood education degree

  • get a faculty recommendation

  • keep a grade point average of at least 2.75 (when you become a STRIVE scholarship and each semester you get the scholarship)

  • reapply for the scholarship at the end of each term

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