Contracts and Agreements

Every contract and agreement has risks that must be reviewed from the perspective of protecting Central Piedmont Community College from financial loss. Therefore, Central Piedmont has established insurance requirements as they relate to contracts. Please visit Certificate of Insurance for details.

For more information or to submit a request, visit Contracts and Agreements.

Review Process for all Contracts and Agreements

Prior to signing a contract and commencement of services, ALL contracts and agreements must be reviewed by Central Piedmont Procurement and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

  • Procurement will review the contract/agreement to ensure compliance with the required NC Terms and Conditions;
  • ERM will review the contract/agreement to ensure all risks and liabilities are identified and managed. 

Insurance Guidelines for Purchasing Goods or Services

Insurance is a means to ensure that a vendor/contractor providing goods or services to Central Piedmont has the resources to meet its obligations under any agreement between Central Piedmont and the vendor/contractor. All departments seeking to procure goods and services should begin by contacting the Procurement department.

Insurance Guidelines for Campus Activities, Events, and Entertainment

Because there is the potential for risk in all activities, either to property or life safety, all external organization requesting use of space at Central Piedmont are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance. This requirements is designed to provide a level of protection from risks that are not associated with our core business and is for the benefit of the facility user as much as it is for the College.

Independent Contractor

For Independent Contractors, Central Piedmont has developed a process specific to their needs. For these Contractors, please use the Independent Contractor Agreement. Contact Central Piedmont Procurement for details.

Use of Facilities

Facilities Services reserves and schedules the use of classroom space, conference rooms, and small auditoriums for non Performing Arts and Foundation Events.  All interested parties, both internal and external, must submit a rental application, as well as a current certificate of insurance, and will assume all fees associated with the event. Review Rent a Space for details.