Student Assistance Program

In addition to the counseling and wellness services you can get at Central Piedmont, you and your eligible family members have access to 24/7 support resources through the McLaughlin Young Student Assistance Program.

Support at Central Piedmont

We know that challenges in your work or personal life can affect your school work as well as your mental health. Remember you can get help at Central Piedmont through services like:

Free Counseling Available 24/7, Online Resources, Tools, and Services

Beyond Central Piedmont's services, you can also get free, confidential help with personal, professional, or school concerns with the McLaughlin Young Student Assistance Program.

  • Ways the Student Assistant Program Can Help

    The Student Assistance Program offers short-term counseling, expert personal legal or financial consultation, and work-life resources for issues like:

    - Alcohol or drug use

    - Anxiety

    - Depression

    - Family conflict

    - Goal setting

    - Grief and loss

    - Legal and financial issues

    - Relationship issues

    - School-related issues

    - Stress

  • What the Student Assistance Program Includes

    The program includes:

    - Short-term, confidential counseling from experienced clinicians for up to three sessions per incident/problem, for an unlimited number of incidents/problems per year. A guidance consultant will listen to your needs and, if appropriate, refer you to resources in your community.

    - Work-life resources to help you balance school, work, and life, including legal and financial services.

    - Access to extensive web-based resources. Research answers to specific questions, review fact sheets, or use a variety of planning tools to help organize your life.

    - Resources available in Spanish.

    You can use the Student Assistance Program whether you are taking for-college-credit or non-credit courses. Your eligible household family members can also take advantage of these services and resources.

    The Student Assistance Program's counseling includes short-term, solution-focused therapy — you may need to pursue other options for longer-term issues. Central Piedmont's Counseling Services offers free, confidential counseling and ongoing support.

Log in to the Student Assistance Program

You can access the program 24/7, 365 days a year by phone, the mobile app, or online:

  • Phone

    Call 800.633.3353.

  • Online

    Go to

    - Select “My Portal Logon.”

    - Select “Student."

    - In the “Work-Life Services” section, select log in

    - In the login screen, enter the username cpccsap and password guest.