Peer Mentoring Program

College is a big step. The Central Piedmont Peer Mentoring program connects student mentors with new students to help with the transition to college.

Peer mentors provide their first-year student mentees with guidance through unique challenges. Mentors help find the answers to a variety of questions, ranging from academic concerns to the challenges of balancing school and other priorities.

Sign Up to Receive a Peer Mentor

Are you a new Central Piedmont student? The benefits of signing up to receive a peer mentor include:

  • increased confidence and self esteem
  • enhanced self-motivation, self-discipline, and goal-setting
  • opportunity to gain knowledge about Central Piedmont's resources and services, while getting connected to other peers


To be eligible to receive a peer mentor, you must:

  • be currently registered for at least one class at Central Piedmont
  • be open-minded for suggestions
  • maintain a positive attitude
  • get to know your mentor and accept support
  • strive for success and show an interest in academic achievement

Sign up to receive a peer mentor

Apply to be a Peer Mentoring Scholar (Peer Mentor)

Interested in helping first-year students at Central Piedmont get comfortable here and becoming a role model?

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • maintain regular contact with mentee
  • attend and participate in mandatory group meetings (quarterly)
  • plan and participate in selected campus events
  • coordinate and facilitate service-learning opportunities
  • keep a log of volunteer hours, mentee meetings, and progress
  • provide feedback on the mentor program
  • perform other duties as assigned

Application and Selection Process

  1. Apply to be a peer mentor.
  2. Provide one letter of recommendation from a Central Piedmont faculty or staff member or from a recent job or community outreach supervisor (from the spring semester).
  3. Engage in an interview.

The final selection of mentors will occur by the second week of July. If selected, you will receive notice of your application decision with further instructions about your participation in the program.