Enrollment and Student Services Directors

What We Do

The Enrollment and Student Services Directors (ESS Directors) for Multi Campus Student Services provide leadership, accountability, and coordination of a variety of support services designed to compliment a student’s successful experience at each campus by working in partnership with all units of the college to build an inclusive, supportive, and engaging community of learners at each campus.

The Enrollment and Student Services Directors coordinate student services schedules and assist with campus-wide programming. Recommendations or concerns about student services at the area campuses should be directed to the Enrollment and Student Services Directors. Area campus tours are coordinated by the Enrollment and Student Services Directors and are given with advance notice. Future students are welcome to contact the Enrollment and Student Services Directors for general questions about the services offered at the area campuses.

Resources and Links

  • Become a College Student

    Become a Central Piedmont college student by doing the following:

    If you have questions, please contact the First Year Experience office at fye.cpcc.edu.

    Campus Tours

    Walking tours are provided by Central Piedmont Student Ambassadors or Enrollment and Student Services Staff. For more information, contact the Enrollment and Student Services Director of your campus of interest.

    Admissions, Registration, and Student Records

    The Departments of Admissions, Registration, and Student Records have served Central Piedmont students from the earliest days of the college. Over the years there have been several organizational changes within those areas and tremendous advances through the use of technology. All three departments currently report to a single director. This structure supports a more immediate interchange and understanding of needs among the three areas, a true advantage as the work of one flows directly to the other. Currently each of five campuses has a campus registrar and one or more staff members providing access to admissions, registration, and student records services at those locations. The information system in use today was developed at Central Piedmont. This centralized system allowed us to provide admissions, registration and records services at locations though out the county for several decades. Central Piedmont, in the early 1980’s, was one of the first four colleges in the nation to offer registration and information through a voice response telephone system, a very advanced technology at the time. The demand for Internet services led to the creation of @CPCC. With this option students can submit admissions information, building a file in real time. They can search for available class sections, again real time; register via the web for curriculum or continuing education courses; pay by credit card; view grades, and get a record of payments for tax purposes. Currently, Central Piedmont Admissions, Registration, and Student Records face the challenges of serving students equitably in a multi-campus environment.

    Testing and Assessment Center

    The Testing and Assessment Center, as it currently exists, was established in 1981 with the stated purpose to provide comprehensive testing services for the college’s student and faculty populations, local businesses, and industries, as well as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community and surrounding areas. The Department of Testing and Assessment provides services for Central Piedmont students, faculty, local businesses and industries, and the citizens of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community and surrounding areas. The Testing Center administers over 100,000 tests annually. Examples of tests administered by the Center include placement and diagnostic tests, course tests, CLEP exams, distance learning/independent study, pre-employment tests, and certification and licensure exams.

    Outreach and Recruitment

    The Office of Outreach and Recruitment Serves the college, both faculty and staff and students, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, surrounding counties (high schools), and the community. Current students often contact the office for follow-up information after enrolling in classes. This could include scheduling classes, following up on a scholarship, or any general information about the college. Faculty and staff contact the office for assistance when planning any recruiting activity, such as, career days, orientations, open houses, high school visits, or community events. The office mostly serves Charlotte Mecklenburg high schools and high schools in the surrounding counties to share information about Central Piedmont and the programs we offer. These recruiting methods are initiated through special projects, such as College Connection and ASAP, CACRAO visits, classroom visits, mall visits, and admissions days. 

  • Money for School

    Office of Financial Aid

    The college has a long history of providing financial aid to students. Even before the merger of Mecklenburg College and the Central Industrial Education Center (CIEC) into Central Piedmont Community College in 1963, aid programs were set up to encourage enrollment. For example, the federal Manpower Development Training Act (MDTA) began under the CIEC and was continued at Central Piedmont. Over the years the college and its students have benefited from federal Title III, Title IV, DHEW programs including the Nursing Student Loan/Scholarship program; Federally Insured Student Loans; Stafford Student Loans; National Defense/Direct/Perkins Student Loans; Basic/BEOG/Pell Grants; Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants; and Work Study. Concerned about the possible loss eligibility in the Pell Grant program due to rising default rates, the college decided several years ago to stop approving student loans. This decision was made with regard to the federal Stafford loans and Perkins loans. Today, the college participates fully in the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work-Study, and Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants. In regard to student loans, a special emphasis was placed on providing access to alternative loans. It is expected this program will continue to grow. Growth has been observed in other areas. From the State of North Carolina, there is financial aid available from both the NC State Incentive Grant and the NC Community College grants. Emphasis on financial aid at the college is receiving attention campus-wide. The college, in association with the Central Piedmont Community College Foundation, has pledged and is raising funds for scholarships. The Financial Aid/Veteran Affairs Office has a long history working with Veteran’s programs. A Veteran Affairs Officer visited the college, interviewed veterans who are benefiting from the VA’s rehab program. At the conclusion of the visit, the VA Officer informed the Director of Financial Aid/VA at Central Piedmont that of the 58 community colleges in the state of North Carolina, the program and the manner it is administered at Central Piedmont is in the top three in the state.

  • Academic Support

    Student Life 

    The Office of Student Life serves Central Piedmont's hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community with major events and activities. As the center of student activities and organizations, our offices have a continuous flow of student traffic dealing with issues related to Student Life programs, activities, and services, requests for support for student organizations, and requests for information about other campus resources. The program maintains an open-door policy, and staff members are available to support students in any way that is reasonable, practical, and in keeping with college policy. Student Life has established a strong precedent of offering co-curricular programming, and is a good resource to meet many faculty/staff needs as well. Staff members are often invited by faculty into classrooms to discuss the program and Student Life activities. Staff members also provide support for administration, faculty, and staff committees, projects, and initiatives. Student Life typically serves 25 or more College staff members each week. The programs sponsors and supports the Central Piedmont Folk Frolic, Literary Festival, Skyline Run, and other events which target the community as a primary audience. The major community events draw audiences that number in the thousands.

    Service Learning

    Service Learning involves students in organized community service that addresses local needs, while developing their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility, and commitment to the community. The Service Learning Center aims to promote, coordinate and conduct service in and around the Charlotte region, which will enhance learning, promote civic responsibility, and engage Central Piedmont in the community.

    Students with disABILITIES

    Disability Services serves the entire college, both students and faculty and staff. Disability Services is a uniquely comprehensive and innovative program designed to meet the educational needs of students with disabilities. The department provides services to students with disabilities that include, but are not limited to, the blind, deaf, hard of hearing, and to students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, traumatic head injuries, and many other disabilities. The department also serves as a resource to faculty/staff on the nature of various disabilities and strategies on how to work with students with disabilities.

  • Graduation Prep

    Career Services

    Career Services assists faculty, employers, community agencies, students, graduates, and community members. Students receive assistance with career counseling, resume writing, career information, and on-line job search and job search techniques. Employers receive assistance with their employment needs through free on-line job postings, on campus recruiting, career fairs, and our Resume Referral Program. Community members can avail themselves of our Career Transition Services located at the Cato Campus 704.330.4846. Presentations are given to classes as requested by faculty. The staff works closely with faculty to provide career information and statistics related to their programs. 

    Graduation/Institutional Records Management

    The purpose of the Graduation Office is to provide a high quality service to the students who are potential graduates by thoroughly auditing individual records and informing the students of their final requirements prior to their graduation. The responsibility of certifying graduates and storing institutional records originally fell on the shoulders of the Admissions and Records Office. In time, a Special Projects Coordinator was hired to oversee the graduation process and assist with the management of the larger office. During this time, the Special Projects Coordinator and a computer programmer for the College wrote the Preliminary Graduation Review program currently used to audit student records. The graduation process required enough attention to mandate a separate entity, and during the mid-1990s, Graduation/Special Projects became a separate department and physically moved to the basement of the Central High Building. This department also acquired the Information Center. A few years later, the Information Center became part of the new department of Student Information Services, and Institutional Records Management became part of the Graduation Office. In spring 2000, the Graduation/Institutional Records Management Office gained the additional responsibility of certification for the Adult High School program.

  • Locations

    Students participating in college-related off-campus activities are asked to report criminal incidents to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction and also inform Central Piedmont Security. For more information, visit the online Student Handbook. For information on campus crime statistics, visit the College Security Services site.

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