Hallmarks and Benefits of our Honors Program

The hallmarks of the Honors program highlight Central Piedmont's vision for the college and supports its core values of being a student-centered environment that promotes equity, collaboration, excellence, and accountability. Our scholars receive a lot of benefits that serve their future goals and the goals of the college.

Hallmarks of Our Honors Program 

  • foundations were developed from Central Piedmont’s student support programs and current Vision, Mission, and Values

  • open to students from diverse backgrounds with various interests who may be working towards a future in the arts, business, welding, culinary, cosmetology or other courses of study offered at the college

  • provides alternate methods for acceptance into the program outside of the GPA requirements to ensure the program is equitable and inclusive

  • opportunities to apply for scholarships that cover tuition and course materials, as well as travel, events, and immersion experiences

  • offers support for students who are not accepted into the program on how to improve their application in the future

Benefits of Being an Honors Program Scholar 

  • register for classes early

  • receive additional coaching from Honors Program Faculty

  • engage with other Honors Program Scholars for networking

  • apply for scholarships

  • meaningful experiences to add to your resume

  • may look more favorable to 4-year institutions with Honors Programs

  • opportunities to attend conferences, seminars, and workshops

  • develop your transferable skills and increase the value of what you have to offer 

  • recognition on your Central Piedmont transcript 

  • ePortfolio for your resume, LinkedIn, Social Media, Handshake, etc.