Honors Program General Questions

Who can be a Central Piedmont Truist Honors Program Scholar?

The Truist Honors Program is for new and existing registered Central Piedmont students.

To be eligible for the Truist Honors Program you will need to have at least 24 credits left to complete in order to be eligible for the Truist Honors Program.

Can a student from any program of study apply to be in the Truist Honors Program?

Yes, the Truist Honors Program is open to students in any program of study.

Can high school students apply to the honors program?

No. Applicants must have completed all their high school requirements to apply to the program.

Can dual-enrolled students apply to the honors program?

No. Applicants must have completed all their high school requirements to apply to the program. Currently, students in dual enrolled programs cannot apply. Please check back as this may change soon.

Do I have to pay to be in the Truist Honors Program?

No, the Truist Honors Program is a free program.

Can Truist Honors Program Scholars receive scholarships?

Accepted Truist Honors Scholars can apply for scholarships to cover tuition and course materials. Accepted Truist Honors Scholars can also apply for scholarships to cover travel and immersion experiences. Scholarships are not guaranteed.

Are honors course sections harder than non-honors courses?

No. Designated honors course sections are not harder and instead the courses’ view content through the lens of the Truist Honors Program Foundations focusing on one of the following: research, scholarship, innovation, and experiential learning; civic engagement and global learning; leadership development; and reflective thinking).

How will I know if I am accepted into the honors program?

Accepted Truist Honors Scholars are notified via their Central Piedmont email account.

I was accepted into the honors program, now what do I do?

Accepted Truist Honors Scholars must attend an Honors Program Orientation, sign the Honors Program Accountability Pledge during orientation, attend scheduled honors program meetings, respond to honors program emails, and utilize honors program resources.

What happens If I am not accepted into the honors program?

Students who are not initially accepted into the Truist Honors Program can attend an information session to learn how to improve their application for future semesters. Students who are not initially accepted, are “not yet” ready, however, support is provided to help you become ready for the next application cycle.

If accepted, can I decline admission to the program?

Yes. Accepting the Truist Honors Program invitation is voluntary which means, you can decline admission without recourse.

Honors Program Course Sections

How do I register for designated honors course sections?

  1. Go to My College
  2. Select 'Search for Sections'
  3. Then select 'Advanced Search'
  4. Select 'Term'
  5. Scroll down to find “Course Type” 
  6. Select “Honors”
  7. Then select 'search'

What can I expect in a designated honors course section?

 Central Piedmont designated honors program courses (HP) include high quality enrichment experiences that are intellectually challenging and result in deeper learning. These courses seek to develop excellence in scholars by reinforcing the values of knowledge, expression, and critical reflection in a student-centered environment. 

Assignments, activities, assessments, and projects in an honors program course provide opportunities for students to reflect on and apply what they learn. They provide high quality learning opportunities with an emphasis on student engagement, active learning, exploration, and discovery. 

HP courses maintain a focus on the existing course learning outcomes but offer rigorous experiences and additional opportunities that emphasize the five Honors Course Foundations:

  1. Experiential Learning 
  2. Research, Scholarship, and Innovation
  3. Civic Engagement and Global Learning 
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Reflective Thinking (Required in all HP courses) 

Scholars in the honors program are expected to earn a “B” or higher in honors course sections. 

Will I be in a class with other Honors Program Scholars?

You may be in designated honors courses with other Truist Honors Scholars and non-honors students. Truist Honors Scholars must earn a “B” or higher for the course to count towards honors program completion requirements. For example, if a Truist Honors Scholar earns a “C” in a designated honors course section, they will still earn credit for the course, but it will not count towards their competition requirements.

Honors Program Completion Requirements

How do Honors Scholars successfully complete the honors program?
  • Complete 15-credit hours in designated honors course sections
  • Complete 30 total hours immersive experience
  • *A reflective thinking piece is required after the immersive experience.
  • Complete10 activities/events
  • Interview workshop (required session)
  • Resumé workshop (required session)
  • For the remaining 8 events, Truist Honors Scholars must attend at least one event related to each of the honors program foundations (Experiential Learning, Research, Scholarship, and Innovation, Civic Engagement & Global Learning, Leadership Development, and Reflective Thinking) until they attend 8 events.
  • *A reflective thinking piece is required after each of the 10 activities/events.
What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is an electronic/digital compilation of Truist Honors Scholars’ academic work and reflection of both the work and experiences collected throughout their honors program experience. The ePortfolio should be related to designated honors course section coursework, events, activities, and immersive experiences (i.e., videos, photographs, essays, writing samples, posters, projects, coursework, etc.). Included work should be exemplary and display skills such as critical thinking, communication, adaptability, personal growth, and additional skills valued in academia and the workplace.

Honors Program credit hours, immersive experiences, activities, and/or events must be documented and confirmed by Honors Program faculty or staff. 

Honors Program Scholars must complete the ePortfolio.

Do Honors Scholars have to maintain a specific GPA to remain in the honors program?

Yes. Truist Honors Scholars must maintain a 3.0 or higher to remain in the program. Truist Honors Scholars accepted without a 3.0 GPA at the time of acceptance have two semesters to raise their GPA to 3.0.

Do Honors Scholars have to take honors courses each semester?

Yes. Truist Honors Scholars I understand it is recommended I successfully complete at least one designated honors course per semester. If I do not successfully complete one Honors course section for two  consecutive semesters, my program status will be reevaluated, and I may be removed from the Honors Program.

How are Honors Program Scholars recognized once they complete the program?

Truist Honors Scholars receive recognition on their Central Piedmont transcript. To successfully complete the Truist Honors Program and have the program listed as “completed” on your Central Piedmont transcript, you must complete the requirements listed above.

What if I leave the college before completing the honors program?

Truist Honors Scholars who leave before successfully completing the program will have documentation of successfully completed designated honors course sections on their Central Piedmont transcript and a letter* from the Faculty Director of the Truist Honors Program. of successfully completed and documented events/activities and/or immersion experiences. *Events, activities, and/or immersive experiences must be documented and confirmed by Honors Program faculty or staff.