Re-enrolling Students at Partner Schools (including CMS)

Students re-enrolling in Dual Enrollment classes must complete the following steps every semester. This helps verify that you are meeting your requirements, such as maintaining your GPA, and are progressing towards your goals.

1. Request High School Transcripts (CMS, Bradford Prep, Lake Norman Charter, Mountain Island Charter only)

You must request your most recent high school transcript through CFNC.

Requesting your high school transcript can take several weeks, so start this process as soon as you have your Central Piedmont student ID number.

To request your high school transcript:

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over “Apply to College” and select “Request your Transcript.”
  3. Complete the fields accurately.
  4. Enter Central Piedmont Community College in the "Search Campuses" field.
  5. Select "Request My Transcript" in the "Selected Schools" field.

If you are a student at other partner schools, your career development coordinator (CDC) will send us your transcripts.


  • CFNC must match your student information in PowerSchool. Otherwise, the transcript will not be sent. 
  • For the best experience, use your desktop or laptop computer, not a mobile device.
  • You will not be processed without an updated transcript.

2. Meet with your High School’s Career Development Coordinator

You must meet with your school's Career Development Coordinator to determine if you are still eligible for Dual Enrollment. Your high school’s approval is required to participate and you must meet with your career development coordinator before enrolling in each semester. 


  • Each school may have their own additional participation guidelines and deadlines.
  • Dual Enrollment cannot supersede high school requirements or deadlines.
  • Ask your Career Development Coordinator if there is anything else you need to do to complete the process.

3. Register for Dual Enrollment Classes

Once we have processed your paperwork:


  • Only register for courses from your approved pathway.
  • If you register for a class that is outside of your approved pathway, you will be dropped from that class by the Dual Enrollment team.

4. Pay for Fees and Books

Please refer to the Fees and Books page for details and deadlines.


Students must renew previously approved accommodations each semester.

If you need assistance, please contact Disability and Access Services.