New Students at Partner Schools

Do I attend a Partner School? (PDF)

To apply for Dual Enrollment at Central Piedmont, you must complete the following steps.

1. Attend a Career & College Promise Information Session 

Before you begin the Dual Enrollment process, we strongly encourage you  to attend a Dual Enrollment information session for a comprehensive overview of the program with Q and A sessions.

2. Apply and Get Your Student ID Number


Complete and submit the Career & College Promise application.

You will apply through CFNC to get your Central Piedmont ID number.  You will have to create an account with CFNC if you do not already have one. Please be sure to complete all required fields accurately as inaccurate or incomplete submissions will not be transferred into our system by CFNC.

Once we have received your application, a Central Piedmont ID number will be assigned and you will receive an email from This email will include your student ID number which you need when you create your Central Piedmont login. 

If you do not receive an email with your student ID number within three business days of submitting your Career & College Promise application, please check your junk or spam email folder. If it is not there, email us to ask about the status of your application.

3. Request High School Transcripts

(CMS, Bradford Prep, Lake Norman Charter, Mountain Island Charter only)

You must request your most recent high school transcript through CFNC.

Requesting your high school transcript can take several weeks, so start this process as soon as you have your Central Piedmont student ID number. CFNC needs to match the student’s information in PowerSchool.  Otherwise, the transcript will not be sent.

For the best experience, use your desktop or laptop computer, not a mobile device.

To complete your request and submit your transcripts to Central Piedmont, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Hover over “Apply to College” and select “Request your Transcript.”
  • Complete the fields accurately.
  • Enter Central Piedmont Community College in the "Search Campuses" field.
  • Select "Request My Transcript" in the "Selected Schools" field.
  • If you are a student at other partner schools, your career development coordinator (CDC) will send us your transcripts

4. Create Your Central Piedmont Student Login and Sign Up for Multi-factor Authentication

The day after you get the email with your Central Piedmont student ID number (step 2), you may activate your student login

Your username is the first part of your email.  For example, if your email is, your username is newstudent01.

All students are required to sign up for multi-factor authentication (MFA). Learn more about how to set up MFA on your device.

5. Meet with your High School Career Development Coordinator

You must meet with your school's Career Development Coordinator to determine if you are eligible for Dual Enrollment. Your high school’s approval is required to participate and you must meet with your career development coordinator before enrolling in each semester. 

Learn about course credit that may be granted for your Advanced Placement (AP) test scores as well as placement into MAT 271 (Calculus)

Be aware that each school may have their own additional participation guidelines and deadlines. Ask your Career Development Coordinator if there is anything else you need to do to complete the process.

6. Complete Checkpoint Orientation and Advising

You are required to complete orientation and advising during the first semester you are dual enrolled at Central Piedmont. The advising session is called Checkpoint, and you will take the Checkpoint quiz to get credit for completing this requirement.

You have two options for completing orientation and advising:

You must pass the Checkpoint quiz to receive credit for completing orientation for either option you choose.

You are responsible for the information covered at orientation. You can refer back to the presentation at any time, but you only need to complete this requirement once. 

You will not be able to register for classes your first semester until you complete the Checkpoint quiz; we verify your quiz results. Please allow one business day for scores to be entered in our database.

If you have questions about what classes to take, reach out to our Dual Enrollment team.

7. Register for Classes

Once we have processed your paperwork, we will place you into your chosen pathway and will contact you at your Central Piedmont email address letting you know that you are cleared to register for classes.

Then, register for classes online using the Student Planning menu in MyCollege. You may only register for courses from your approved pathway. If you register for a class that is outside of your approved pathway, you will be dropped from that class.

Learn how to register for courses using MyCollege (video).

8. Pay Your Fees

Please refer to the Fees and Books page for details and deadlines.


Students: accommodation plans such as an IEP or 504 Plan do not automatically transfer to college. If you would like to request accommodations at Central Piedmont, contact Disability and Access Services

Parents/guardians: you can assist your student(s) with requesting accommodations. However, once they are enrolled at Central Piedmont, parents/guardians will not have access to students' educational records due to protection under FERPA.

Students: you may choose to grant access to your educational records to your parents/guardians. To do so, please complete this Student Information Release Authorization Form (PDF) and email it to Central Piedmont’s Records department.